Sicelo Buthelezi Nearly Quit Acting

Sicelo Buthelezi Nearly Quit Acting

Gomora actor Sicelo Buthelezi, has carved out an inspiring acting career since he rose to fame.

The actor who plays the heart-wrenching but hilarious character of Teddy has revealed that at some point he wanted to quit the world of acting.

It is not secret that the acting industry is not for the faint-hearted, the career involves a lot of sweat and tears for one to deliver a stellar performance and rise to fame. Many actors usually open up about their breath-through struggles which took longer than they had anticipated, proving that it’s a cut-throat industry.

Sicelo recently took to his Instagram on his stories, to tell his legions of fans that he is not one to give up very quickly. The actor hilariously shared that at some point he decided to quit acting, but two hours later he decided to go to his rehearsals.

The actor recently spoke to ZAlebs and said during his upbringing he has always dreamt about being a TV star and said his career started in theatre.

“It’s crazy because I have always seen myself as a soccer player, while I grew up I saw myself as a TV personality, so in my mind I would play soccer and be on TV.”

“Growing up I used to look up to Msawawa, I’ve always seen me in him, my career in TV was inspired by the likes of Mxolisi Masilela, Oupa Malatjie the theater gurus from Tembisa,” he added.

The actor has won the hearts of many in Gomora with the amazing portrayal of his character with his on-screen mother Zodwa played by Sana Mchunu

“It’s like when Kutlwano decided to cast us, he knew what was happening. The energy we had from the first day, it’s like we knew what we were doing. It’s like we knew our characters 3 years back and now it’s the time to portray them, so working with her it was god given,” he said.

The young actor recently bagged an award at the prestigious Royalty Soapie Awards for the Outstanding Newcomer.

In his acceptance speech Sicelo thanked everyone who has rallied behind him, “First of all, I would like to thank the man above, I would like to thank my mum for supporting me. I would like to thank my sister. I would like to thank my little brother. I would like to thank the cast…” said the young actor in his acceptance speech,” he said.

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