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Simphiwe Ngema: I’ve Gained 20kgs And Ang’funi Pressure

Simphiwe Ngema: I’ve Gained 20kgs And Ang’funi Pressure

Proud mother Simphiwe Ngema has shared her major weight gain story as she celebrates her son’s milestone of reaching 3 months. Sharing the same sentiments as Zenande Mfenyana who told people to relax as she will not be pressured into snapping back into her pre-baby body any time soon.

She and her boyfriend Tino Chinyani recently introduced their bundle of joy, Tiyani, to the world, after keeping their pregnancy under wraps for almost a year.
Tiyani Kemorena Michael Chinyani, was born in June 23 2020.

Speaking of her preganancy woes more especially her weight gain, Simphiwe said she cannot bind her belly as she is still healing from her c-section. Simz also revealed that she has gained more than 20 kgs, as a result of eating too much. This is expected as women suffer uncontrollable cravings, however her weigh gain will not put pressure on her to lose it all at one go. She has given herself a month and asked people to not pressure her.

“Today Tiyani turns 3months. I haven’t been binding my tummy because I had a c-section and I’ve gained 20kgs (I enjoy eating) but it’s time for me to start my journey of getting back into shape. I’m giving myself a year. Ang’funi pressure please! (I don’t want any pressure please).

This was also a way for her to announce her paid partnership with Supa Vite. “Baking a whole human being is a big deal and I’ve learnt to be kind to myself. You can miss me with the pressures of “snap back” ngi right shame. I’m glad that my @supavite family is ready to help me get back into shape. Let’s go!”

The baby already is a mogul in the making, he has already inherited his father’s legacy, whose clothing brand Tiyani, is named after him.

Debuting his brand Tino said in a post “My legacy continued… The birth of my son; TIYANI CHINYANI & the gift of this brand. I give to you a beautiful insight to my soul personified. I pray you enjoy it as much as I do.”

Simphiwe is not the only celeb mommy who has any desires of impressing people with getting her body back in shape. Zenande has made it clear that she will not conform to societal pressures that pressure women into losing weight after giving birth. The mother just gave birth to her baby girl and is taking care of her daughter as well as her well-being, regardless of what some women think.

“I’m taking it one day a time with my body. I certainly will not put myself under unnecessary pressure for the snap back culture. One sit-up a day is better than no sit-ups at all,” Zenande declared.

She added by saying, “I’ve been focused on fully healing and I refuse to succumb to the pressure of snapping back at the expense of my health. My focus now is my well-being, and my daughter’s.”

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