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Singer Rose releases her debut album

Singer Rose releases her debut album

With her debut album finally available, new kid on the block Rose spoke to us about ’Rose on a Ranch’.

First off how have you been?

I have been good but a little anxious about my album release, it’s really nerve-wracking but finally almost at the release date and I can’t wait.

Tell us about The End, what was the inspiration behind it?

The End is a song that was inspired by my mom and how she came about to trust me into following my heart and love for music. She was not convinced that I was ready for it. She kept on worrying about me and my finances and that I would fall into a mild depression. This song is about giving people a chance at doing what they love instead of worrying about things that are not going well in your life, choose to focus on your blessings instead. It is the end to your troubles.

You have an album titled ’Rose on a Ranch’ coming up, when did you start working on it and how did it come about?

I started recording my album in 2017 and finally finished it in 2020. It took longer than I thought but that was because I had to travel long distances to record my songs and finally decided to move to Gauteng for convenience and finally finished my project. So after listening to the complete album I had to come up with a name which really had to hit home and relate with me then I called my mom to help with the name that’s where she and her friend came up with a name ‘Dance by the Ranch’ and when I heard that name I thought why not ‘Rose On A Ranch’ which forms an acronym R.O.A.R, a perfect representation of me.

Is there a particular theme and if so why?

The album is centred around me. It speaks about the stories of a girl from a ranch in the rural parts of the North West, who is very proud of her rural background and heritage most of the songs are written in my home language Setswana.

How did you approach the writing process?

My approach to my writing process is very simple, I write about what I feel and how the music moves me.

How would you describe the lyrical content?

I would say my lyrics focus more on motivating, it’s medicine for your soul, healing for your broken soul.

In terms of its sound, how would you define it?

My sound is a mixture of soul, tribal, electro and afro drums. It’s music that moves your soul to dance.

What do you hope people take away from this album?

With this album, I look to inspire, to show the world that it doesn’t matter where you come from what matters is having a dream and sticking by it, by working so hard to make a reality. Nothing is impossible if you change your mindset and set goals for yourself and I also want to share the gift that God has blessed me with the world.

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