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SK Khoza Is Searching For The Fan Who Started The Petition

SK Khoza Is Searching For The Fan Who Started The Petition

A year ago The Queen viewers were livid after it was announced that SK Khoza would exit the telenovela and not return. SK Khoza played the womanizer and hot-headed Shaka Khoza who had everybody glued to their screens waiting for him to ‘balance’ them real quick.

His departure was not fit for the character he played and many were up in arms bashing The Fergusons for releasing such talent. Soon after, a petition which gained over 29 300 signatures, with a target set at 35 000, went viral and many believe it played a major role in getting him back on set.

The actor who has been marred with controversy is searching for the tweep who started the petition that gained momentum, to simply thank him or her.

The online petition had a major impact in bringing back Shaka to life, who was ‘killed’ by his brother and cousin, Kagiso and Dingaan.

“Please HELP me find the person who started this petition…I’d like to meet and thank them, can’t pretend like this didn’t mean a lot to ME,” he wrote.

Even though at the time he was so sure that he would not be returning, he told his fans to not be hopeful as he is not returning.

“I mean, Shaka has been on the show for four years. It’s such a long time. I am pleased with the fact that I did as much as I could for the character, and in the short space of time in terms of the story-line I’m happy with what I did.” said the actor.

It was reported that he was fired because of his diva tendencies and his unprofessionalism. Neither him nor the production house spoke out to confirm or deny the claims made when it was announced. Apparently that did not sit well with the actor.

The Fergusons defended themselves against ‘exploitation’ accusations by saying characters come and go, it is nothing new.

“This is a soap, its a Telenovela…characters come and go, that’s how soap operates. It is for story and sometimes to introduce another story, but characters come and go. This is not something exclusive to The Queen…It happens everywhere and it happens every time,” Connie responded.

In between the laughs, Shona said that people get bored at seeing old faces and they hire new talent which evidently will lead to a character getting axed.

“You are going to see new people in and out, it is the nature of storytelling.” when people watch a show for a long time, they get bored of the same faces, hence the reason of bringing fresh new faces to shake things up. So if I’m going to give you something new, somebody has to go,” Shona added.

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