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Skolopad Scores A Radio Gig

Skolopad Scores A Radio Gig

Queen Skolopad has announced that she is the new CEO and radio presenter at Radio Way.

Skolopad is joining the station as a Wednesday presenter from 18:00 to 18:30.

The show, Radio Way With J & Q will be live streamed on Facebook. Taking to Intagram to announce the good news, Skolopad said, “…Guys this radio is on Facebook follow and like the page ‘As we move with time’. The Radio is supported by local businesses and local brands.

“As we update people about everybody’s business and brands. The radio way started on the 5th of July 2021 on Monday morning at 4am the 8th day of 14 days South Africa Lockdown, we made it a point and make sure our fans get entertained to avoid stress and depression during Covid-19 lockdown”

The Kwaito star and Nurse by profession also seems to have been hitched. On July 3rd, she shared a video on Instagram today of her walking down the aisle in what was definitely not a traditional wedding dress but seemed like a ceremony. Skolopad did not officially say that she was getting married and judging from the reflectors used during the proceedings, It may have been a music video shoot.

Skolopad shared snaps from what looks like a set of a music video a few days ago so the wedding scene could have been just another scene to the video, what song could this be, should we be getting ready for new music from Queen Skolopad or not?

Now that Skolopad is a radio queen and business woman, does this mean they can be friends with Zodwa Wabantu? These two queens seem to be in the same industry but just a tad bit different. They have been compared for too many times that it came as a shock when these divas made it seem like they are not each other’s fans.

When Skolopad was compared to Zodwa, she took it up a notch and told Times Live, Skolopad that “nobody wants to be like Zodwa but she would try and be like us. We are dancers and artists and she is a dancer only.”

Zodwa on the other hand told TimesLive that she is in no way threatened by Skolopad because Zodwa is still in a kid in the game. She said, “We are in a very fast industry and don’t know what tomorrow holds for us‚ so it’s time to make money. Skolopad forgets that we are ageing and when the opportunity lands on your lap you grab it with both hands. I’m not here to play games but to make money.”

Ever since this beef started, Zodwa has added a few more titles under her belt. She launched Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers. She said that she joined the undertaking business because she is resisting living a lavish lifestyle so she is investing in the future.

She said, “When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, i think of businesses to build all are in my name. Registering, building, making mistakes, fail, try again. I won’t stop. I won’t act 20 years with my money in the industry but see me in years to come Zodwa Wabantu ngizokungcwaba mina”.

We hope the beef has been squashed now that boss moves are being made, equally.

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