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Slindile On Accepting Her Body Weight

Slindile On Accepting Her Body Weight

Seasoned actress Slindile Nodangala has spoken out about body positivity and has encouraged her followers along the way to embrace their bodies the way they are.

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The Rhythm City actress took to her Twitter account to open up about the struggles of her weight and how she has embraced her body, opening up a floor for discussion.

Many ZAlebs have become vocal about the weight topic and body appearance, such as Thickleeyonce who has often been accused of body shaming and slandering skinnier women to make herself feel good for being plus size. It has become a sensitive topic for many however the debate still continues on.

“When did you make peace with the fact that you’ll never be size 32 ever again, you’re a size 50, and did you have a party? Cause I feel like only a small ritual will give me peace and help solidify this milestone. So if we are here what do we get to slaughter? A pig or a cos?” she asked sarcastically.

Slindile’s question created a safe space for women to open up about their insecurities whilst battling to love themselves.

“When I bought a size 42 jeggings and I got home fitting the thing ddnt wanna go up my thighs, I just sat down cried and cancelled my outing,” commented Lelo Mampa.

“when I started shopping for myself in 2016,where I could take my time looking for my size forty instead of someone buying me small size and making me feel bad for the size I have. Please invite me to that mcimbi ma wami,” replied @MsBree1

“When I went to buy clothes and Came back with nothing cause nothing could fit me…I cried and Hated shopping for about a year. But I have healed. Let’s slaughter a cos and Just be content,” said Ngubs laughing at her ordeal.

Thickleeyonce has always found herself dragged for her past slanderous tweets towards skinnier women. Many even labeled her a hypocrite for wanting to be accepted as a plus sized girl but refuses to apologise for her tweets which degrade smaller sized women.

However her body has worked in her favour, her confidence has landed her endorsements from major brands who are also trying to shift society’s view on plus-size women.

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