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Somizi Dragged Into Bujy’s Assault Allegations

Somizi Dragged Into Bujy’s Assault Allegations

Television personality Somizi Mhlongo has found himself trending after a blood-spattered image of Boity Thulo and an audio of her heated physical altercation with Bujy Bikwa, went viral on social media yesterday.

Twitter users are angered by the selective cancel culture and they want Bujy to be canceled. The socialite and radio host stands accused of assaulting rapper Boity Thulo.

The incident apparently occurred at the Courtyard Hotel and everyone it is everyone’s lips as Boity sustained numerous injuries to her face that resulted in her being rushed to the hospital swiftly to receive medical attention.

New details regarding the verbal altercation turned physical emerged yesterday and shook everyone. In an audio, Bujy and Boity can be heard hurling insults at each other with Bujy swearing at Boity’s ancestors.

Tweeps want Bujy to suffer the consequences of his actions and have his privileges stripped away. They want him to get the same treatment Somgaga got when his estranged husband Mohale Motaung accused of physical abuse and being controlling.

Some Twitter users have also accused the LGBTQI community of being tight-lipped about Boity and Bujy’s incident.

Here’s how social media has reacted:

@ShadayaKnight “The war is against straight men NOT gender based violence….Somizi free as a bird….Bujy free as well….wake up straight black men, we are an endangered species, they want to see you either broke, in jail or dead. Masculinity is under attack”

@JasonKhumalo2 “Boity was allegedly hit on the face with a bottle by Bujy. This happened a week ago and no GBV activists called for the cancelling of anybody. Mara had it been, say Cassper that allegedly hit Boity, Cassper would be cancelled by now. The standards are just double.”

@landback_ “When Mohale ALLEGED domestic violence against Somizi everyone was against Somizi and he was removed from idols. When Bujy Bikwa ACTUALLY assaulted (to death) Boity there is silence. Everytime foreigners rape, assault or kill ..nobody calls them trash! Amakwerekwere r lucky!”

@jessy_jessss “Mohale didn’t get the support he needed from the masses, people even tagged idols pleading with them to bring Somizi back but were very much okay when Katlego basically lost jobs.”

@joy_zelda “Somizi was said to have attacked Mohale while still in a relationship he was called to be cancelled,even on #idolssa he was removed,today Bujy Buji has done the same to Boity everybody muted LGBTI community MacG too why so”

In a twist of events Bujy, released a statement and said he has opened a case of common assault against “the culprit” for physically attacking him.

“After being in pain from the injuries I sustained for 7 days, being held in police custody, I have received medical attention and have filled my medical records towards my counter case.”

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