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Somizi: I Don’t Have It All Together

Somizi: I Don’t Have It All Together

Media personality Somizi Mhlongo, has revealed that despite being rich, famous and having accomplished a lot of his goals in life, he still goes through a lot in life.

The TV star took to Instagram yesterday, to inform his fans about his current emotional state in life. In a live video, Somizi started off by telling his fans that his day had started on a bad note.

“Today I woke up kinda feeling down, my day did not start on a good note, we had disagreements here and there business wise and personally and It kinda makes me feel very sad,” he said

The TV star opened up about his struggles with depression and this is not the first time he did. He said he was diagnosed with depression last year in January, and he has been suffering from anxiety lately, “I was telling Lerato Kganyago that I suffer from being constantly anxious, being sacred of something I don’t know and also being scared of what might go wrong because at the moment my things are going so well, my career is going so well, my marriage is going well and my family is doing good, I’m good but there is this anxiety and it is a joy stealer.”

“Even the happiest they don’t got it all together, I don’t have it all together, I go through fears, anxiety and depression,” he said.

Somizi said one of his friends called him aside and asked him if he has accomplished everything he wanted to this year, and he said yes but, he is still not happy because of his emotional breakdown.

Somizi says his friend told him he looks emotionally drained and asked if he mourned the loss of his mother and he said he did not, however that’s not the reason why he is suffering from anxiety.

He further said maybe it is because he hasn’t dealt with with his depression properly.

Somizi’s mom Mary Twala passed on at the age of 80 after an illness. At his mom’s funeral The TV star said he has lost a mother on earth but he has gained a powerful ancestor. Somizi said anyone should not be surprised when he rises beyond everything because he has the most generous ancestor.

On his live Somizi further told his fans that it is alright to not feel okay and said even the rich and famous they do go though emotional breakdowns. He further encouraged his fans to not being afraid of starting on a new slate, instead of forcing things out.

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