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Sophie Lichaba On Chadwick Being Ridiculed Before His Death

Sophie Lichaba On Chadwick Being Ridiculed Before His Death

Sophie Lichaba has expressed how saddened she feels about the treatment the Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman received, months before his death.

The American actor Chadwick Boseman died after battling cancer for 4 years at the age of 43.

After news of his untimely passing, an image of a frail Chadwick saw people ridiculing and mocking his slimmer looking face. In the video Chadwick was commemorating his hero Jackie Robinson on his day and people were divided with some expressing deep concern and others mocked him.

The actress has had her fair share of trolling after she resurfaced with a major weight-loss. Trolls had continuously mocked and belittled her saying there is more than what she is letting on.

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As a diabetic who has been marred with 2 death hoaxes, says she understands how Chadwick felt when he was secretly battling cancer whilst the world laughed at his agony.

On Facebook she shared the image which disciplined people to do better as they do not know what a person is secretly battling.

She wrote, “We need to think look at ourselves n focus on that. Your attitude determines your altitude in your life. It determines your true personality! Never look down on anyone and you don’t know their battle, their struggle, their story.”

In October 2018, a rumour about her death was sparked by a social media user who claimed the news broke on the Expresso show – the rumour turned out to be false and Expresso issued a statement distancing themselves from the inception of fake news.

The second time news broke she spoke about how heartbreaking it is to learn that someone wants you dead before your time.

“Hi darlings, It’s heartbreaking to read messages that I’m dead. It’s the second time this year this has happened and it’s extremely traumatic to my family friends and especially my kids. To address the rumors I’m alive and kicking and God willing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” she wrote.

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