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Sophie Ndaba’s Health Worsens After Suffering Stroke

Sophie Ndaba’s Health Worsens After Suffering Stroke

Former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba-Lichaba was admitted to Morningside Clinic after falling sick at her Joburg house on Wednesday. Her admission comes after she suffered multiple strokes and was involved in a car accident when she collapsed behind the steering wheel while driving to Welkom from Joburg early this year.
News that Ndaba-Lichaba was not well was leaked to Sunday World by a family member, who asked South Africans and her legion of fans to seek divine intervention for her to get better. The relative, who did not want to be named, said Ndaba-Lichaba checked in at the clinic after suffering from severe depression and a high sugar level.

The relative also said that after being admitted, Ndaba-Lichaba had undergone a battery of tests, including one for COVID-19, to establish if there were other causes for her ailment. “Her COVID-19 test results came back negative but the doctors discovered that she had depression that had shot her sugar levels up. But she is recovering and could be discharged from the clinic anytime,” said the relative.

The Family Secrets actress also confirmed that her health had deteriorated. “You know that I’m diabetic right, so when you are depressed, your sugar level will definitely go up. So when they checked me they discovered that because my sugar level was up, my body was burning a lot of fat. So basically the fat that I take, my body will burn it quickly and that resulted in me losing a lot of weight”

The renowned wedding planner also said as a result of the excessive weight loss, her body became sore. She said her last battle with diabetes and depression was earlier this year when she almost lost her life.
Sophie Ndaba’s health has deteriorated and she said “I was driving into Welkom, just from the set of robots in Welkom, I passed out because my sugar level went up as a result of stress and I lost control of my car,” she said.

She said she had suffered a stroke several times after the accident because of her chronic condition. “Fortunately, I know how to treat the strokes, the physicians showed me the things to drink when you have a stroke,” she said.

Ndaba-Lichaba added that she has decided, on the advice of her doctors, to stay out of the public eye for three months.

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