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South African children’s Rights which is lost

South African children’s Rights which is lost

In light of its solid social assorted variety, it is faced with numerous difficulties, quite in regards to South African children’s Rights.

With the complexity between modern urban territories and to a great degree poor provincial regions.

Protecting Vulnerable Children

What happens after school lets out?

To reduce the risk, we invest in after school programs that keep children active through sports and other recreational activities.



Almost all of the kids that we support come from impoverished families where nutritious food is often in short supply.

African Children Haven helps by financing school feeding programs that in some cases supply as many as three meals a day.

Making sure that kids have enough to eat enhances their performance and helps ensure that they develop both physically as well as mentally.

Preventing HIV/AIDS

We also invest in educational programs that work to keep children healthy and safe.

In addition to providing access to health care and healthy school lunches, we also support sex education.

The project, which emphasizes the ABCs … abstain, be faithful and use condoms … helps to educate tens of thousands of young people in rural areas that are most often left untouched by government public health programs.

Breaching the Digital Divide

Africans are going to school in greater numbers than ever before, including millions of young girls who for the first time can take advantage of a shift in tradition that once prohibited them from even attending school.


Save the Children has worked in Africa for more than 30 years.

From responding to massive earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones, to providing lifesaving health care and nutrition to children in impoverished nations, we work in the poorest and most vulnerable communities throughout the continent.


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