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Jackie Phamotse

Jackie Phamotse Pregnant?

Jackie Phamotse Pregnant? Twitter users are convinced that award-winning author Jackie Phamotse is Pregnant. Jackie wrote “twins” followed by pregnant woman emoji on Twitter. Tweeps have since shared their congratulatory messages…

Celebs That Attacked Everyone

Celebs That Attacked Everyone 1. Jackie Phamotse And Snakes Author Jackie Phamotse went live on Instagram and made some disturbing claims about how these people allegedly use snakes and black magic to accumulate wealth. Jackie…

Jackie Phamotse: I Said What I Said

Jackie Phamotse: I Said What I Said Just when we all thought Bare author, Jackie Phamotse said a handful on her IG Live over a day ago, it appears there's more. Before heading to bed last night, Phamotse took to the gram to address…
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