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Thando Thabethe Shows Gratitude To Housekeepers

Thando Thabethe Shows Gratitude To Housekeepers

Lead actress Thando Thabethe has shown some major gratitude to everyone involved in the hit telenovela Housekeepers. She played as a lead character Linda Ndlovu who she says has shaped her views about life. As season 2 of the gripping Mzansi Magic telenovela comes to an end, the media personality is ecstatic.

Linda Ndlovu has become a favourite amongst viewers and she thanks the positive reviews she has since received. She took to Instagram to thank the viewers for following the show as it will be airing it’s final episode tonight, 7 September.

Her character Linda Ndlovu is a housekeeper on a quest to seek revenge after her mother got killed. Expressing her gratitude at people’s positive responses, she thanked viewers and described her role as a ‘spiritual awakening.’

“On Monday we bow out. I am grateful for the honor of being able to play Linda Ndlovu once more…how this character has changed not only my approach in current work but in life in general, cannot be expressed in words. I have hurt, and I have healed…this was above me. This was a spiritual awakening…I am forever grateful!!!

“Thank you to my legendary co-stars, the crew who immersed themselves in this story, to @krijaygovender for holding my hand from season 1, to @portiagumedesa for seeing ME, for believing ME I love you so very much 🙏🏾. Thank you South Africa for walking with us, I ask that you show up in numbers come 8PM, MONDAY,” she wrote.

She shared the trailer of the final episode and viewers anticipate a gripping and shocking episode, as the show teases that the end of Linda Ndlovu is near.

Housekeeprs is set in an upmarket area in Johannesburg’s leafy Northern suburbs. Linda’s dreams of going to law school were cut short after her mother met her demise after being framed for the murder of a construction mogul.

The thriller shows a dissimilar world of the filthy rich black people who are favoured by the law, whereas the helpers are seen to fend for themselves by taking the law into their own hands.

With the drama that ensued all of season 2, viewers cannot help but hope for a third season that will be just as entertaining.

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