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The Many Times Black Coffee Has Clapped Back On Social Media

The Many Times Black Coffee Has Clapped Back On Social Media

Renowned SA DJ Black Coffee, may be very polite but when you ruffle his feathers, he is quick to retaliate and his clap-backs are lethal.

There were many times when trolls attacked him on social and he did not waste time in confronting them and even resorted to going on a blocking spree. It is no secret that Black Coffee is one of the country’s most richest DJ’s, hence sometimes many have opinions on how he needs to spend his hard earned cash but he does not needs anyone’s validations on what he must do and he often puts them at their place.

We look at the many times he clapped back at his haters.

1. Black Coffee vs a troll.

The DJ recently left a troll suffering from chest pains after it shaded a room Black Coffee he posed outside of. The troll said the location was in Midrand and said there was no furniture in sight. The DJ clapped back in the most gracious way with “Ufuna i room divider.” Somizi even hailed his clap back and said he is polite but he clap-back sarcastically.

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@realblackcoffee I stan…..polite but hit back hard sarcastically Ur me I am u

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2 Black Coffee vs Prince Kaybee.

The first round of their social media twar started when Black Coffee defended his friend Euphonik after a debate about buying properties during the pandemic. Prince Kaybee had Black Coffee foaming at the mouth when he tweeted about celebs who want to sound intelligent.

“The problem is that celebrities fall for the same trap all the time, ‘the urge to sound wise’. You watch a few YouTube videos you, wanna sound intelligent. Carry on, you will meet your maker,” he tweeted.

Black Coffee clapped back by questioning his celebrity status. While we thought they buried the hatched a second instalment of their twar has erupted. This follows after Nota Baloyi said Nasty C signed his deal with the prestigious Def Jam record label because of being well connected and not he is of of South Africa’s greatest. Prince Kaybee then shared a clip and captioned it, “When I said I’m the biggest selling DJ they called me arrogant. There you go mate.”

When a tweep asked him if he is bigger than Black Coffee, he said way bigger and Black Coffee responded with a screenshot of monthly listeners of their music, proving that his numbers are high.

Prince Kaybee then decided to set the record straight and said he did not say he was bigger than him but his album had over 150 streams, which makes it the biggest seellin house album.

3. Black Coffee vs Tracy Zille.

The controversial Tweeter behind the account recently shaded the DJ after he posed in front of a private jet gearing up for a trip. The tweeter posted a snap of Mark Zuckerberg saying only a black person can pose in a private plane that they don’t own and brag about it but the wealthiest man in the world, drives a Honda Fit.

Black Coffee silenced her with “Awumuncu.”

4. Black Coffee vs a troll.

The DJ tweeted some words of encouragement to 27 year old’s who dropped out of college with no money to rent and said they must pray.

A tweep replied and said not everyone is like him, people must finish their degrees and shared a video completely out of the subject. Black Coffee replied and said the video does not communicate the message he is sharing, ouch!.

Black Coffee truly is one of the kings of clap-backs.

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