The Queen Is Back!!!

The Queen Is Back!!!

After having taken a hiatus from TV following the death of her husband, Connie Ferguson is back on our screens and fans couldn’t be happier. The Queen actress finally gave the people what they want. Viewers and fans alike were happy to see Harriet Khoza on screen last night.

The actress made a huge comeback during yesterday’s episode and viewers took to social media to celebrate her return.

@dinnydeethulo “#TheQueenMzansi Mathapelo Harriet Kh9za is back thee Queen is back So good to see her.”

@_Miss_Tango “It’s good to see Harriet back. I’m happy, But seeing her reminds me of her loss and it breaks my heart. For some reason, my heart skipped a beat when she walked in #TheQueenMzansi.”

The Queen’s storyline was recently deemed boring and dull, so her return had many in their feels as she is known for her enthralling performances and always causing havoc on the show.

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