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The Queen Season Finale: The Sebatas Avenge Mpho’s Death

The Queen Season Finale: The Sebatas Avenge Mpho’s Death

The Queen’s season 5 finale was a whole lot of fireworks tonight that left us gasping at every scene.

Following Mpho’s death last week Friday, we were certain vengeance was near but we did not think it was gonna come so soon. Thando has been reeling with grief and we know how she can get so it is no surprise that she finally got what she wanted.

After seeing how hurt her daughter was, Hector gave in to Thando’s demands and the war was waged.

Let us first give it to the whole team from the writers, producers, directors and the people that actually get things done. Where ever did they get those huge war like trucks, like where? did the Fergusons buy them or something, either way, we were impressed. We loved every second of it. Also, did you guys see those clothes, everything beautiful. We even peeped some black airforces. It is safe to say that the budget used for this episode reached its max.

Tonight’s episode was well written and produced to say the least. It is a bit of a sad moment for Phathu Makwarela as this was his last episode on the show.

He said this on Twitter, “My last Ep on #TheQueenMzansi…The end of each chapter means the beginning of another”

People took to Twitter to express the fireworks he just keeps dishing unprovoked.

“Y’all wrote this one super well!Monday waske waba kude”

“Thanks for inspiring us. As we wait for your next chapter”

“That’s why there was so much drama. Y’all were even using vehicles that could have helped combat looting last week”

“Thank you, at last ,you were too relaxed my guy, stop focusing on being a ‘celebrity’ my guy, and focus more on doing research and upping your pen game! Season 5 of #TheQueenMzansi was boring as heck! We kept watching because we loyal #NotHating”

While bullets were flying, tweeps were not impressed by the waste of alcohol when it could have been put to good use.

“#TheQueenMzansi My son just said ‘they are wasting alcohol’ the boy is only 6 Bathong”

“Mara why are they shooting the alcohol haybo i Bev at times like these, bona they are busy shooting i bev #TheQueenMzansi”

“But guys why shoot the Bev though? Like why? I understand Harriet killed Mpho but yenzeni iBev?”

“The pain of seeing alcohol being shot like that while we struggle so much for bev. I won’t recover if Ramaphosa doesn’t open”

“#TheQueenMzansi we are thirsty they busy shooting alcohol I didn’t care about those characters but alcohol didn’t deserve that, what a tragedy”

“Not these thugs shooting the alcohol during this lockdown”

“I see all the action But….Nkosiyam Alcohol the way am so thirsty….I won’t recover anytime soon”

“I still don’t understand how every time when there’s a shooting on The Queen, they miss each other but they always hit the alcohol bottles”

“They flopped a bit. They just needed Brutus to say “utshwala bami” when they shot the alcohol”

With what we saw on the season 6 trailer, we are so ready to find out who this king that Harriet suddenly needs, is it Hector or is a new character joining the queen of the castle? either way, we are so ready for Monday.

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