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The River: Tumi Going On Her Third Marriage

The River: Tumi Going On Her Third Marriage

The drama never ends on the River 1 Magic and if there’s one thing Pathu does extremely well is that he knows how to strike a nerve.

In the latest episode of the award-winning telenovela, Tumi’s new boyfriend Mabutho popped the big question and she gladly accepted the proposal.

Lindiwe, who’s struggled to accept her daughter’s new relationship following her divorce with Lindani, is ready to accept Mabutho as her new son-in-law. At the end of the latest episode, she said that she’ll help Tumi plan her wedding, to the surprise of Zolani, Andile and her husband Zweli Dikana.

By the looks of things, there’s another fancy wedding on the way. Here’s a recap of all of Tumi’s failed marriages.

Marriage to Zolani

In the first season of the hit-drama, Tumi got married to Zolani, whom she later found to be her cousin. The wedding almost did not happen, as the Dikanas and the Mokoena’s did not see eye to eye. The two families eventually put aside their differences so that their children could live happily ever after. They settled on a 100k lobola fee. This didn’t sit well with Lindani as Tumi has always been his highschool sweetheart. After Zolani revealed to Tumi that Lindiwe killed her father, she divorced Lindani. She also discovered that Lindiwe was her biological mother which automatically meant that Zolani was family.

Marriage to Lindano

In season two, Tumi finally got married to her childhood sweetheart Lindani who helped save her life from Lindiwe. [Spolier Alert] Their marriage started losing its spark in the current and she felt that she had lost her feelings for him. She began an affair with Lindani’s cousin from KZN Mabutho. The two kept on seeing one another until they eventually got caught. Lindani and Tumi tired saving their marriage until they decided that divorce was the best option.

Marriage on the cards
Things quickly escalated between Tumi and loverboy Mabutho. He’s already sent a request for marriage to the Dikanas and has asked Tumi for her hand in marriage. The two families have given them their blessing for marriage and it appears the could be a third and extravagant wedding for Tumza.

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