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The Wedding Date Has Been Set!

The Wedding Date Has Been Set!

Actor Sello Maake Ka-Ncube is smitten by his fiancé, brand manager Pearl Solo Mbewe. The couple is set to walk down the aisle, against all odds and are ready to start a life of their own.

True Sello fans have noticed how this relationship is different from his previous ones looking at how fast he decided to make Pearl his wife. The fact that the actor was adamant that he was never going to give this love thing a shot ever again, but he still found the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, tells all.

Sello makes it a point to love his fiancé loudly for everyone to know, including his jealous exes. He took it back to the very first moment they met, saying how Pearl leaned in for a selfie with him, making herself feel at home. She took his breath away and was lost for words. Now they are engaged!

The couple got engaged last month, and Sello announced on the 23rd that Pearl accepted his marriage proposal. “I made her the one and I never longed to find anyone anymore .. I had made peace with being single but now I know and ready to tell my story,” said Sello. Despite their age difference, they seem to make it work and he is content with his decision.

However, all is not well in their relationship as it is reported that his exes have turned green with envy and are “harassing” the couple. According to Sunday World, seven of his bitter exes have been harrassing the couple and accusing the veteran actor of betrayal.

This after he announced that he is engaged, and according to the publication they have been calling non-stop and texting them. But Sello is unshaken and he is reportedly adamant that the wedding will take place this November at Pearl’s hometown in Soweto.

Commenting on the matter, Sello told TshisaLive that indeed his reputation has been tarnished. He cautioned other men to be vigilant on who they decide to date as he is still traumatised by these events which allegedly started happening since 2011 after the death of his son.

“This was being done when I was at my lowest and emotionally vulnerable, as I was dealing with having buried my first son who sadly left us due to a car accident. This deprived me of my right to mourn the death of my child and I’m yet to recover from this unfortunate ordeal,” he said

Sello has always been vocal about how he suffered greatly at the hands of his bitter exes. According to Drum, Sello’s ex-wife, Palesa Mboweni not only committed infidelity but she also torched his car. Commenting on the matter he told the publication that their marriage was over and beyond repair.

“Palesa has mentioned before that she wants to be Mrs Maake KaNcube for life and isn’t ready to give up yet. She believes they can find a way to make things work,” revealed a source to the paper.

She refused to sign divorce papers he had served her.

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