This Is Why ‘The River’ Isn’t For Black Women In The Township

This Is Why ‘The River’ Isn’t For Black Women In The Township

The writer’s consistent portrayal of black women in the township; that they deserve to suffer and that they don’t deserve love has become exhausting. The endless depressing, ‘black township love stories’ are wearying. We went through it with Malefu, and Flora, now they’re going through the same old rodeo with Kedibone.

The message from the show is; unless a black woman is successful and accomplished as portrayed by Lindiwe Dikana (played by Sindi Dlhathu) she is not worthy of a romantic relationship or happiness with a partner. Even her daughter; Tumi Mokoena had to be successful first and leave her poverty-stricken family behind to be happy with her onscreen husband.

We’ve never had the opportunity to be ‘graced’ with an onscreen representation of a black, happy, family in the township because Thato Mokoena was killed in season one. When will a black, poor woman get a break in your Telenovela?

Thorough research is needed… there are actually black women in township’s who lived happily ever after and are still living in bliss long after. Women who have found men like Ntsizwa (the character you just killed) and got married, had children and lived happily ever after. It’s poignant how you introduced his character and killed him just for sympathy, ratings and awards.

I commend your team’s outstanding performance on showcasing the realities of how broken South Africa’s health system is and the continuous challenges people in the township go through but it’s actually not all gloomy.

You’re probably reaching for SAFTA’s 2021 by creating more heartache and drama on social media, so we can see how truly talented your cast is… I get it, but I challenge your team to start a new track record for a struggling black woman in an amorous relationship in the township.

It’s all good and well to have a cast of talented actors, but your script has become predictable and a sore to keep up with.

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