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Top 5 Soapie Weddings That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Top 5 Soapie Weddings That Shouldn’t Have Happened

Scandal: Grace and Simo
This was the most hideous, gut-wrenching, and disturbing wedding in soapville. I couldn’t stomach any of it and switched channels. A mother marrying her son is the most disgusting thing’s I’ve watched on television and I watch a lot of soapies. Yes, I said a mother marrying her son because traditionally Grace is Simo’s mother because Grace’s son and Simo share a father. Forget ratings and Google Scandal’s writers and pen an open letter… the storyline was forced and wreaked of desperation.

Rhythm City: Sabelo and Sindiswa

These two have been in a relationship for as long as we can remember. They’re the only true-kasi couple left on the show now that Suffocate and Puleng divorced. However, they’re going to make each other miserable as a married couple because Sindiswa kinda forced Sabelo to marry her. She was supposed to end things with him when she found out he cheated instead of blackmailing him into marriage. Considering that Sabelo couldn’t finance his wedding and doesn’t have a place to stay, I’m giving them a year till they call it quits.

7de Laan: Rickus and Esti

Most Laanies wanted these two to get married because they were a perfect fit. The only reason I placed Esti and Rickus on this list is that she left the show literally 2 weeks after she got married. So, why not just kill the character before the actual wedding instead of putting the viewers through all the emotional rollercoaster? Now she’s left a husband and a son instead of just her son behind…it was unnecessary and hate that I didn’t see it coming, even though I knew she was joining The Legacy. Actors usually juggle two or three shows at the same time.
Uzalo: Sbonelo, Sphille, and Nonkanyiso

The polygamy wedding and marriage has been over-done. Why would Sbonelo marry another wife when his soul mate is Nonka? The writers were lazy and love complicating things…simple is sometimes better! Sbonelo is nothing like his father; Nkunzi because he’s educated and modern and not a traditionalist like his father. It still doesn’t make sense why he’d marry both Sphilile and Nonka when Sphilile was just a rebound.

The River: Zolani and Tumi

Everyone knows that if Tumi knew that Zolani is her cousin or knew the real Zolani before she married him; she wouldn’t have married him in the first place. Forget the fact that they were awesome together, he was romantic and the best guy for Tumi on the show. This wedding was a waste of money (one of the most expensive weddings in soapville) and a waste of our time.

Is there any other wedding we may have left out that deserved a spot in the Top 5 Soapie Weddings That Shouldn’t Have Happened?

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