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Tracey Lange shares what it’s like to be a TV host

Tracey Lange shares what it’s like to be a TV host

Hosting a TV show is not all glitz and glam. More than often there are weeks of planning from a team of dedicated creatives who make the magic happen behind the scenes so that viewers can enjoy what is on screen.

In light of the recent National TV Talk Show Host Day we spoke to the multi-talented Tracey Lange, host of “Tussen Ons”, now in its third season on kykNET&kie (DStv channel 145).

The Afrikaans talk show boasts a panel of formidable females.

From radio presenter Kay Karriem to Zelda la Grange, editor of Kuier Magazine and former PA to Nelson Mandela and Ingrid Jones, Editor-in-chief of Mikateko Media, the diverse group who have a wealth knowledge to share have made the show a success.

Tell us more about “Tussen Ons”?

We started in June 2018. After the first very successful season, we got another contract to provide the channel with one episode per week for a year and now we have been renewed for a 3rd season and we have gone from once a week, to 4 times a week!

What can viewers expect from the show?

We discuss everything from current affairs to racism, how Afrikaans is seen, being comfortable in your body and so much more.

We discuss very topical issues to what the world is experiencing and discussing.

What has trended on social media and what attracted the attention that needs to be unpacked and explained to people.

It doesn’t always have to be very serious, sometimes it’s also just light and easy, how to have the difficult conversations that no one wants to have like how to deal with a someone who has a bad breath problem!

As a viewer, what can I takeaway?

Firstly it is a distraction from their daily troubles, but also to have their minds opened to others’ opinions and to be exposed to things that they wouldn’t normally be.

Was being a TV host always apart of your dreams?

Absolutely! And I never expected it to be the way it turned out to be. I’m very blessed!

Is it difficult holding down a show and how much of prep does it take?

It can be crazy with the shows that include all the women, but that also makes it so much more fun!

It means I must listen really well and allow everyone the space to share their thoughts. It’s being conscious about everything that needs to be considered and then just managing the process.

Doing a show on my own, just means if an interview is 6 minutes long, I need to prepare for a 12 minute interview because anything can happen and I’d rather have too much than too little.

When you aren’t on set, what are you doing?

I host the mid-morning radio show on Kfm 94.5 in Cape Town, from Monday to Friday, while also a presenter of BRAVO! On kykNet – which is a lifestyle and entertainment show.

Furthermore, I am part of a production company called Scene23 and we produce films, we just completed filming of our latest project called “Klein Karoo 2“.

My husband and I also have a clothing line with friends called, Chepa Streetwear. And in between all of this, my husband and I have a marketing company.

What talk shows do you enjoy watching?

I love watching “The Real“ and “The Graham Norton Show“ amongst other.

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