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Trending Tswana’s traditional attire for lobola 2024

Shweshwe fabrics are a type of cotton used to make traditional shweshwe dresses. This fabric is used to make casual and traditional lobola dresses by African fashion houses. You can wear these traditional shweshwe dresses on other African occasions in addition to the ones listed above.

Interestingly, this fabric is used in traditional South African clothing as well as by the Tswana (also known as Batswana) people. Initially dyed indigo, the twill fabric now comes in a variety of colors and print designs.
For South African brides preparing for their lobola ceremony, traditional Shweshwe attire is a popular choice. Lobola, also known as the “bride price,” is a traditional custom in which the groom’s family pays the bride’s family a sum of money or other valuables as a gesture of gratitude and respect for their daughter.

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