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Trevor Noah shows his support to End SARS protests

Trevor Noah shows his support to End SARS protests

Trevor Noah has joined other A-list celebrities to voice his support for the Nigerian End SARS protests.

“The Daily Show” host has been talking about the on-going protests happening on the late-night talk show regarding the civil unrest in Nigeria.

Taking to his personal Instagram account on Wednesday, Noah shared how what the Nigerian people are going feels similar to the police violence South Africans faced during the apartheid regime, saying that everyone needs to support the movement and help free Nigeria from corruption.

The caption read: “What our Nigerian brothers and sisters are going through is painful and all too familiar.

“For most of my life growing up in South Africa I believed in everything the police did and everything they said but one day many of us learned that many of the things we believed were lies.

“Today the people of Nigeria are exposing and standing up to their governments lies. We should all support #EndSARS and the movement for a Nigeria free from corruption!”

Nigeria is in its second week of nationwide protests against police brutality.

The protests started after a video circulated last week that reportedly showed members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, shooting a man and driving off.

The squad is a controversial unit of the Nigerian police force, which human rights groups have blamed for widespread abuses, including torture and killings.

Young people in Nigeria have led the protests, saying they bear the brunt of police brutality.

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