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Tumi Seeco Addresses Hockey Club Allegations

Tumi Seeco Addresses Hockey Club Allegations

The Drink or Tell The Truth Show episode on Lasizwe’s YouTube channel that everyone had been anticipating all month finally arrived. It featured fitness entrepreneurs Junior Khoza and Tumi Seeco. Toward the end of the show, Lasizwe asked them if they were part of the Hockey Club? And here’s what Tumi Seeco had to say about the allegations.

‘Yeah, I’ve heard about it. I’m actually happy you are asking about it, let’s get into it. There is a problem that’s happening here in South Africa, especially where money is being made. It’s either you’re in the hockey club, looting or got a shady deal or you are moving drugs or whatever. Why can’t you just make money and just ball and be nice? Why must there be a Hockey Club? If I’m in Hockey Club I’m going to come in with a jumbo jet like Drake. I’m not going to play.” He said.

The host, Lasizwe gave a bit of context as to what the club actually entails. “Apparently, from the lady that instigated the whole thing. She even wrote a book about it. Is that all of these rich men in Joburg or whatever, come together and get us young people in the same room. You leave your phone and it’s just like a sex orgy.”

Seeco was puzzled as to why people would think that older men are giving them money. “Why must it be that guy giving us money? Why can’t it be us giving them money? Listen why are they putting the grown men over us?“

When asked about which famous person he has been with, Tumi was a bit hesitant and then said that it was Lasizwe’s sister Khanyi. “You know I’ve vibed with your sister. You know the vibes G. She must come for you.”

Lasizwe’s new show on YouTube has been a hit with the fans – everyone is loving it and files are being dropped left, right and centre. A couple of weeks back, Ntando Duma revealed what her worst television seen was and her words might have offended a couple of people.

“My worst scene will always be kissing a man on the show. It’s very uncomfortable kissing someone that you don’t know on the show that you don’t have an actual relationship with. So all the scenes I have done with Schumacher were very uncomfortable. But he is such a nice guy. He is such a great actor. He made it very easy for me. Genuinely I hate those scenes.” She said.

Ntando also revealed that kissing Phila Mazibuko on Rhythm City was uncomfortable for her. “To kiss someone, you don’t know for the first time, you don’t know where they come from. For what? It was the worst.”

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