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Tweeps Call For Tira’s Arrest

Tweeps Call For Tira’s Arrest

Afrotainment boss and musician, DJ Tira had landed himself in hot water once again on the Twitter streets.

With the country currently in level 3 of lockdown and the third wave still increasing COVID-19 infection rates, irresponsibility is one thing South Africans will not tolerate and will make sure to call out.

This is what tweeps did with Makoya Bearings when he tweeted a video of an event he recently performed at, which saw a very large turn-out of maskless fans, with the caption: “A big thank you to everyone that showed up at Cosmopolitan Lounge last nite! Another banger from #RockstarForever feat Nicole Elocin and Darksilver – #SceluMoya.”

Tira’s video angered many on social media because it was clear that none of the lockdown protocols were followed — no masks, no social distancing, there were way more people in attendance than the required number according to level 3 rules. As a result, DJ Tira, the organisers of the event and fans who attended could face legal action which can result in a fine, imprisonment, or even both.

Tweeps have called for Tira to be imprisoned for this irresponsible act, especially after he was nonchalant about it all when he received backlash. The 44-year-old told fans to “vaccinate” when they called him out.

“Wow! Yheey nifane nenze nje Tira. Do you even know the status of #VaccineRollOutSA and who gets to qualify? You posting this video shows that you’re seriously out of touch. You’re probably the only person who qualifies for a jab there. The rest are under 35. How irresponsible,” Umhlobo Wenene radio presenter Spitch replied.

“No one is about the law, Dj Tira needs to be arrested, those people were more than the required number and they didn’t even have masks on,” someone else wrote.

“The issue here is Tira posting a video which isnin contravention of Covid19 Regulations. Here we are talking about someone with over 2million followere on Twitter. So basically he is the instigator of widespread events because of his influence. He is must be arrested,” another tweep replied to a fan who said they did not understand why Tira was receiving backlash.

Watch Tira’s deleted video below.

Just last week, Tira was under fire again in relation to a tweet about the COVID-19 vaccine. The DJ topped the trends list after he promoted the COVID-19 vaccine using his successful Fact Durban Rocks concert. In a tweet, he made it clear that if fans of his successful #FactDurbanRocks do not vaccinate, they will not be allowed entry to the premises.

Tira got his COVID vaccine and he shared the video of him getting his jab. The next tweet was him getting dragged later deleting the tweet where he told party goers that if they are not vaccinated by December, they will not be allowed entry.

Among some of the things tweeps called him out in, they wanted to know why the DJ had been silent during the unrest which saw malls and shops getting looted — the most devastating of them all being the Phoenix massacre which saw over 200 black people being killed in what is classified as racial tension between Indians and blacks.

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