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Uzalo’s Noxolo Mathula Reveals Side Hustle

Uzalo’s Noxolo Mathula Reveals Side Hustle

Uzalo’s Noxolo Mathula has revealed what she does on the side and fans could not be anymore proud. The actress has just recently bought a R1.8 Million house. But before that, she bought herself a car.

After rolling up her sleeves and acquiring herself and her family a house, many trolls questioned how she could afford a 1.8 million house, from just an actors salary. Some pulled up files of her standing besides former president Jacob Zuma, assuming that Noxolo is his niece.

Noxolo has recently revealed to her followers that she runs a food business ‘Hotdogs By Noxolo’ where she sells a variety of hotdogs, where customers can also get a bonus deal, a picture with her.

Her business started off during lockdown where various industries including the entertainment industry was crippled by the economy coming to a standstill. Before production could resume, Noxolo started her hotdog business and operates around Durban.

The actress believes pride and embarrassment could lead to people not getting any income, if they allow such to happen.

The 26-year-old Kwa-Mashu born actress who stars as detective Lily on the Kwa-Mashu hit drama series Uzalo has made a huge name for herself. Her powerful acting skills and effervescent demeanor has made her one of Mzansi’s favourite characters on Uzalo.

She re-affirmed that dreams are valid and has taken to social media to announce her milestone, writing “Black child it’s possible!” as her caption. The starlet is reaping the rewards of her hard work and there is clearly more to come, as she is set on making more of her dreams a reality.

It seems as though our ZAlebs are looking at other business ventures to sustain their careers. Apart from being a West Ink boss, Mampintsha has also started his own food business called Emakhishini. He has flooded his Instagram wall with pictures of the different cuisines asking people to support local also adding his contact numbers. His food business Emakhishini is based in Elamont.

Showing his growing business and the support from Andile Mpisane, he posted a video thanking him for purchasing 40 plates of food.

The muso has also announced that he will be launching his own brand of gin, Original Shandis Gin. Taking to his Instagram, Shimora posted a video saying his Original Shandis Gin will be dropping in December and asked his fans to support him as he elevates his hustles. He did mention that he is still in the process of doing some final mixes before the ‘big’ launch.

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