Vusi Nova Will Be Spending His Birthday Somizi

Vusi Nova Will Be Spending His Birthday Somizi

Vusi Nova and Somizi have a long and very tight relationship, it’s either the two are always around each other or they are spending serious money on each other. Must be nice, having rich friends. A few years back, it was alleged that Vusi Nova got Somizi a pair of expensive Gucci leather low-top platform sneakers that are said to be worth $950 which is R12, 264.

According to Somizi, he and Vusi Nova are currently on their way to Durban for a day of fun and celebration. The two have already begun their festivities in the car to their destination.

SomGaGa Tweeted his delight to be spending time with his good friend, as they were travelling in a car going to an undisclosed location.

“Got back in jozi and immediately hit the road with my bestie to kzn for his birthday tomorrow”

The one person who seemed to be missing from the festive occasions was Somizi’s husband, Mohale, whom Somizi had just returned from a magical getaway with. The two lovebirds spent their baecation at one of Mzansi’s most beautiful places, the Kruger National Park. And as usual, the pair left the rest of the country breathing through the wound. They spent the day enjoying a game drive, drinking some expensive champagne and watching wild animals.

Despite, the jovial mood from Somizi and Vusi Nova, Tweeps couldn’t contain themselves from dragging SomGaGa and reminding him about his thieving ways.

“Did you pay omunye umthana for his idea for the Cooking Show?”

“Imnanandi Imali ye Cooking show neh…” (Cooking show money is is quite nice, hey…)

Meanwhile, Mohale, also posted that he is on his way to Durban with friends. It seems Somizi and Mohale have spent enough time together that travelling separately is the best option for everyone. One thing is for sure, Somhale will be in Durban at the same time for Heritage Day.

“Roadtrip with my girls. >>> Durban.”

If there is one thing for sure, it is that Vusi Nova, Somizi and Mohale will all be in the same city for Vusi’s birthday, which happens to fall on Heritage Day. What they will be up to, however, is up for question. Seeing that on his reality show Dinner At Somizi’s, the entertainer seemed to let it slip that he and Vusi Nova are “kissing buddies.” The confession didn’t come as a surprise to many fans.

Do you think Somizi and Vusi Nova are secret lovers?

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