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WATCH: Lasizwe addresses lying about buying a house in 2018

Lasizwe addresses lying about buying a house in 2018

IN the latest episode of “Drink Or Tell The Truth”, Lasizwe finally came clean about why he lied about buying a house in 2018.

The “Lasizwe: Fake It Till You Make It” star’s new YouTube series has been a treasure trove of messy information regarding some of Mzansi’ biggest celebs.

This time around, the special guest was none other than “Black Is King” star Nandi Madida.

While she played it the safe side by answering some of the spicy questions, Lasizwe finally addressed the drama around the ’house he bought’ scandal.

Asking the question Nandi said: “In 2018, if your sister (Khanyi Mbau) didn’t call you out for lying about buying a house, would you have come clean?”
To which Lasizwe responded: “Ok, to be honest, if Khanyi did call me out (laughs). But lesson learnt, you know journalists they investigate and it was just gonna spiral out of control, and it would’ve looked even way worse.“

Lasizwe further explains that he was caught in the moment when people started congratulating him on “buying a house“ when he moved to his new flat.

After he was getting all this attention, Khanyi called him to find out if he really bought a house and that’s when he told her the truth.

She then said if he doesn’t clear up the confusion, then she will. Lasizwe dared her to rat him out since, according to him, they were still figuring out their relationship.

The “Mbau Reloaded: Always Rise” star took up his dare and exposed him online for lying about buying a house and the two siblings didn’t speak for a month afterwards.

Watch the full video below:

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