Wedding Bells For Distruction Boyz Member

Wedding Bells For Distruction Boyz Member

Distruction Boyz member Que whose real name is Thobani Mgobhozi could be walking down the aisle soon.

The music star shared his plans with TshisaLive. He told the publication that he has been planning to propose to his baby momma. The pair welcomed their bundle of joy back in 2018.

Que said he has been planning the big day for a long time but the pandemic has affected his plans.

“ I’ve been thinking about it but Covid-19 slowed things down so much because if you really look at it, we’ve just had three years of not doing anything or not being able to do anything so it’s set me back from any plan I’ve had.”

Que also told the publication that he has worked hard and he feels ready to settle down with the love of his love. He added that he is enjoying his relationship with his girlfriend. I love her and I can picture myself spending the rest of my life with her so it’s not something far-fetched for me. I’d like to be married.”

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Another star who recently got engaged is Model And TV personality Keitumetse Noinyane. Read More: K Naomi Is Engaged.

Meanwhile, other stars are seeing flames in the dating scenes. Content Creator and YouTuber Kay Yarms recently took to Twitter to pour her heart out about relationships.

Kay wrote a whole threat taking about the challenges that she has been facing in her relationships. She said, “There’s this new thing happening in my life where men will approach me, do the bare minimum, then expect me to chase after them & spend my whole life convincing them that I wanna be with them?? Lol, it’s so boring. pls just continue with your journey hey.”

She said they would even accuse her of cheating and not being devoted enough to the relationship. she added: “Like how do men actually think? You found me here, at my place of peace, I give you an opportunity to sweep me off my feet & I find myself in court heh, pls free me.”

Kay wrapped up her lengthy Tweet by stating that men should stop wasting people’s time. “I realized, it is always the men who know very well they don’t deserve you that will put you through this rollercoaster. They will just project & give you headaches, you will spend your time nursing insecurities & egos. Why do you want to waste both our time? Step aside my brother,” she tweeted.

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