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Why Mmapitsi’s Wedding Will End In Tears

Why Mmapitsi’s Wedding Will End In Tears

Thabo Maputla and Mmapitsi Magongwa’s wedding is finally happening. Skeem Saam confirmed on their social media pages that the couple will tie the knot on the 31st of August 2021.

Leading up to their big day, the two have experienced many obstacles on their way to start a happy family. The lobola negotiations were not that smooth sailing as the Magongoa’s requested a hefty price for their daughter.

Mmapitsi then took up an internship in Johannesburg which meant that she had to leave Turf for a while. This put their preparations to a halt. However, that didn’t last long as she struggled to juggle school, motherhood and planning a wedding.

However, little did they know what awaited them. John Maputla and Mmantuli’s secret of many years started haunting them again. Long story short, Pretty started doubting her paternity and in turn, convinced her siblings to take a DNA test with her. Sadly, Kwaito’s results did not match that of his siblings. This propelled him on a journey to find out who his real father is. Following a desperate and emotionally charged search, he found out that his real father is John Maputla, meaning that he and T’ Bose are siblings.

This was also news to Meikie Maputla which broke her heart and drove her crazy. She shot Mantuli and Zamokuhle and luckily they survived. Zamo, however, hasn’t forgiven her for what she did and is out for blood. He has bought a gun to protect himself from Mrs Maputla should she strike again.

Our theory is that Kwaito will not stand the sight of Meikie at T’ Bose wedding. He might not be attending the spectacle but they are neighbours. We believe that he will pull the trigger on Meikie at T’Bose and Mmapitsi’s wedding. Maptutla weddings never end well. We don’t need to remind you what happened at Leeto and Mokgadi’s wedding.

Actress Mogau, who stars as Mmapitsi in the educational drama, took to social media to show off her mother. She added that they can sit for hours and talk about anything and everything.

“Mama and I can sit and talk in the car for hours!! We literally talk about everything and everyone (yes we are gossiping) But…she always ends up giving me a lecture about something I’m doing wrong or how I can learn from what others are doing with their lives (both good and bad), cause you know Mamas gotta keep her babies in check…. But then…after the constructive criticism, she showers me with love through affirmations and laughter as we talk about our goals and of course the convo won’t end without us discussing the ‘men’ in our lives.” She said in part.

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