YouTube Sensation And Influencer Mihlali Reveals Cheating Drama With Ex Boyfriend

YouTube Sensation And Influencer Mihlali Reveals Cheating Drama With Ex Boyfriend

Popular SA YouTube sensation and influencer, Mihlali Ndamase has opened up on Twitter that she was once in a relationship where her partner cheated on her.

Mihlali is usually private about her love life, however she decided to open up, on how her boyfriend cheated on her and how she confronted him after suspecting him for a while.

Mihlali said that she stumbled upon lipstick stains on her then boyfriend’s mouthwash bottle and make-up on the towel.

When I found makeup on a towel I called my mother and asked if I should leave or stay, at that point bendi weak…Yho kunini amadoda asihlukumeza?” she tweeted

As someone who frequented his place, she was sure the stains were not hers

After confronting him, he lamely asked

“So that isn’t your make-up, babe?”

Even after she denied that it wasn’t hers, he asked her to warm some food for him as if nothing had happened.

She said he told her to pack her things and go but he still followed her

“I left for 24 hours. He picked me up a day later,”

Influencer Mihlali Reveals Cheating Drama With Ex Boyfriend
Mihlali opened up a whole dialogue on Twitter and was trending soon enough with many joining in the conversation and started sharing their own experiences and some of them were hilarious.

“Traveled 2 hours to see him for his birthday wangshiya kwakhe and left with HIS REAL GIRLFRIEND baya kwi weekend away beacation Upside-down face ngabona sengbona ngeythombe on IG” said one

“Lol I once found underwear of another female at his place once, he delibertly denied it to my face that it was someone else’s and tried to convince me and himself that it was mine… Lol I felt myself slowly losing my mind that week” said another.

“Our relationship was public neh. So he was hitting some other chick here on Twitter and she asked him about me then he told her that I passed away so he’s just keeping my picture on his avi out of respect but he’s ready to move on”

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