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Zenande Reflects On Journey With The Fergusons

Zenande Reflects On Journey With The Fergusons

Zenande Mfenyana is one of the many actresses and actors who have nothing but good things to say about The Fergusons. The actress who first started working with the production powerhouses reflected on the very first day she met the couple and how they have been nothing but good to her.

The Queen actress went down memory lane dating back to the first day she met the power couple. It was in 2013 during a year-end function and she sat on their table. She had thoughts that the couple did not know who she was, but to her surprise, they knew exactly who they were sharing a table with.

“The first time I met the power couple that is Mam’Connie & Mr Sho was in 2013 at an end of year function, I sat on the same table as them, and I thought to myself, they don’t know me yet, but one day I will work with them,” she began her thread.

She then talks about how she went to audition for one of their drama series called Igazi and how that was the day she knew, Mr Shona Ferguson knew who she was.

“2016 and the Ferguson’s are holding auditions for Igazi, I’m obviously there, and as I’m filling in my audition form, Mr Sho appears and says “We know who you are, no need to fill that in” this was me (she had a Pleading face) as he led me into the audition room, a whole Mr Sho & Ma’Connie know me.”

In 2017, Zenande got that unexpected call from “Mr. My Wife” and told her that they would be offering her a role as Goodness on The Queen.

“2017 and I get a call from Mr Sho “My wife and I have been holding auditions for a character called Goodness and nobody who’s come so far is cracking it, we think you would be perfect for this role, do you want it?” Elated is an understatement, I couldn’t believe my ears,” she tweeted.

“I had many off camera chats with Mr Sho, he would tell me where they were thinking of taking my character, and he always said “I know you can pull this off Zenande” In fact the last chat I had with him, he was telling me about my character’s upcoming exciting story arch.” she added.

Zenande then touched on how he was always there for the cast and to motivate them whenever he would visit them on set.

Speaking about the time she got pregnant, she said they were very happy for her an they even gave her 5 months maternity leave.

“And when I told them I was expecting a bundle of joy, they were so overjoyed and they told me they would make sure it gets written into the storyline. They embraced my pregnancy to the point of giving me a changing room closer to set so that I don’t strain myself.

“And they gave me 5 months paid maternity leave guys I will forever love and cherish everything this amazing power couple have done for me, I can’t imagine the one without the other, that’s why my heart shatters every time I think of Mam’Connie,” she wrote.

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