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Zodwa Wabantu show-off her new hair style – Picture

Zodwa Wabantu show-off her new hair style

South African media personality, Zodwa Wabantu, is sporting a completely different look recently; which she claims she has done to fit in with others. In a promotional video for the Durban-based salon, Afro Touch, Zodwa went ahead and ditched her pixie cut for a full on afro. She documented each step of the processes in a series of Instagram posts which resulted in her hair being relaxed and straightened out.

Zodwa stated, “Hi guys, if you can’t beat them… join them. I’m tired of being ugly so I’ve joined all of the beautiful ladies.” The reality star was seen combing through her hair with her fingers as she showed off the length that was hidden in her previously short hair-do.
Whilst the media personality received a ton of compliments, with many of her fans appreciating her feminine look, others questioned her choice of words when promoting the hair salon. One follower commented with, “Who approves/denies her posts. If this was my salon, I would not want someone promoting my shop by basically calling half of my clients ugly.” Someone else added, “Can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic or not when calling herself ugly. That’s not a nyc word.”

Zodwa has consistently advocated for self-love and appreciation, making her promotional post appear uncharacteristic to her fans. The media mogul has previously been praised for her don’t care attitude which sometimes gets her into trouble. Not one to shy away from showing her body, Zodwa is also known to show off her skin at any opportunity she gets, as she goes by the ideology – if you got, flaunt it!

Apart from her signature short hairstyle, Zodwa’s most recent look saw her supporting 7 Stars Hair Salon for her latest hairstyle, which saw he sporting new boxer braids. Back in August 2020, the change-up came as quite a surprise, as Zodwa wore her iconic pixie cut made up of her natural hair for well over a year. She claimed that the new look was done in preparation of her week of television appearances, stating, “Planned Week from tomorrow TV all the Way, New hairstyle.”

Fans and friends alike have shared their admiration for her drastic change, with many claiming that it suits her perfectly. Dineo Ranaka commented with, “Ziyak’fanela lezi iinwele wuuu”, and Farah C Fortune attested with, “I love this style on you

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