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Zodwa: Who Is There For Me Even In The Simplest Form? No One.

Zodwa: Who Is There For Me Even In The Simplest Form? No One.

The hearts of Zodwa Wabantu’s fan are broken, following an emotional post shared from the usually jovial media personality. Known for her high energy and don’t care attitude… it appears as though something has finally caused her break down, and she simply cannot take anymore.

Sharing a beautiful image of herself which showed of a recent glam, Zodwa stated, “Today I’m Sad. Been Crying Since in the Morning till now. Why I share it here? In Real Life We Don’t have Real People to Ask Us, are you okay, did you Eat, what can I do for you, do you need me? What can I do. We Have given so much of ourselves that you don’t even see that, I’m not Okay. You only Take from us. We Give Give Give Give & End up Tired. Who is There for Me even by the Simplest Form, No One. Guess What we are all Busy with Our Lives. Tomorrow is another Day.”

It is unclear what had caused her to feel so emotional, but fans have questioned themselves and if they have expected too much from their favourite celebrity. Speculations have circulated that after weeks of partying, perhaps the entertainment industry has taken its toll on Zodwa and she is unable to cope any longer.

A few hours later, Zodwa seemed to allude to the fact that her relationship with her mysterious Johannesburg man was officially over. The reality star shared pictures of a structure that she has been developing which will be beauty salon. Based in Nelspruit, Zodwa explains that she has nothing left for her in Durban or Johannesburg, and that should could possibly be making the move to the new province.

She stated, “Empire, building my Future Businesses Nothing is Keeping me at Durban or Johannesburg. At Nelspruit are you Ready for Zodwa Wabantu Salons. Mine. Petroleum Jelly, Lipsticks, Perfumes by Zodwa Wabantu. I report to no one.”

Zodwa’s fans assured her that she always has them when she is feeling low, and even offered their sincere apologies if they had anything to do with her break down. Pinky Girl even left a comment on her post, stating, “I also felt like that last week… you are right people just wanna benefit, it’s so overwhelming…. tiring. take it easy. You are blessed and loved.”

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