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Zozi Joins The Rest Of Mzansi Over Clicks Outrage

Zozi Joins The Rest Of Mzansi Over Clicks Outrage

Major retailer Clicks Group store has came under fire for their advertisement which degraded black hair calling it “dry, damaged, frizzy and dull.”

They have since apologised following a nationwide outrage for their disrespect towards black people and everyone who got offended by their website.

Their blatant disrespect towards African women’s hair sparked a social media outcry which saw the birth of a hashtag #ClicksMustFall, with many people claiming to boycott the store.

In the advert were two black women who’s hair was described as dry, damaged, frizzy and dull. Whereas white women’s hair was described as being fine and flat.

This gained traction from customers, celebrities and politicians as well. Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi topped the trends list after she called them out for disrespecting a population which is dominant in the country.

“Not only is this disrespectful to black lives, it is also evidence of an absence of representation and diversity within the organization. And we are talking about a South Africa with a population of about 80% black people (stand to be corrected). No ways,” wrote Zozibini Tunzi.

Social media was not having any of their excuses and called them out. Some even shared images of them or their children wearing their crowns proudly.

Clicks Group has since issued out an apology but the public says it is not enough.

“We have made a mistake and sincerely apologise for letting you down. We recognise we have a role to play in creating a more diverse and inclusive S.A, starting with our website content. We know we need to do better, and commit to ensuring our content better reflects this value.

“We would like to issue an unequivocal apology. We have removed the images which go against everything we believe in. We do not condone racism and we are strong advocates of natural hair. We are deeply sorry and will put in place stricter measures on our website,” the apology wrote.

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