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Best African makeup artists sharing the secrets of beauty

Best African makeup artists sharing the secrets of beauty

Best African makeup artists are among the biggest beauty influencers in the world.

Social media, particularly in the form of blogs are bringing about the democratization of the beauty industry.

Africa was previously deemed to be an afterthought by the global beauty industry.

However, through social-media platforms anyone with a passion for a subject and access to the internet can find their virtual voice without too much hassle or insider know-how.

Here’s a list of Best African makeup artists you ought to bookmark.

Best African makeup artists sharing the secrets of beauty

Lagos blogger Ez did something I truly appreciate when it comes to blogging culture especially in relation to beauty blogging.

She states that she wanted ‘…to break the “cycle of secrecy” in Lagos!

There is love in sharing, and just because somebody goes to the same beautician you go to, shouldn’t be a threat at all.’

She even went as far as launching Nigeria’s first online beauty directory: The BiL Directory.

2.Cynthia Gwebu

Cynthy is a 23-year-old Capetonian behind Estrelaevra.

She was a junior beauty editor and social-media manager for one of South Africa’s biggest online beauty communities but is now blogging full-time – so you know she gives sound advice.

I love her simple makeup tips and her Instagram is a crash course in what I like to call ‘placement insta’.

The ability to take pics of mundane things like a laptop and cup of coffee and make it look like it came out of House & Home.

Her vlogging style is very girl-next-door without the esoteric knowledge dispenser some vloggers have.

3.Nur Al Ayn

Nur is a professional makeup artist and certified skin therapist/esthetician.

Although I hardly check her blog for makeup tips I do read it for the honest reviews and skin health posts.

The Mauritian blogger may not be as well known as the rest of the bloggers on this list but she’s well worth a gander if you have recurring skin problems.

Perfect for:Organic ingredient enthusiasts

4.Aisha O’Reilly

Aisha is a Tanzanian woman living in Joburg who runs the informative blog My Fro & I.

Between being an expectant mum and newly-wed, Aisha’s blogging is consistent and crucial for natural hair returnees and people looking for beauty tips of the less flashy variety.

Her blog is also very personal and gives insights into her life. Definitely one to bookmark immediately.

Perfect for:ladies with natural locks

5.Clare Oparo

Clare Oparo is a Uganda-based in Kampala who started Wolf & Moroko.

The tagline is Africa’s first brainy beauty blog and though that kinda irks me, I do like that Clare goes into detail about awful ingredients in skincare products.

She describes herself as ‘… an African woman trying to protect her normal-to-dry, acne and eczema-prone skin from the heat of the sun and the dust of the hills.

This means I do a lot of research… asking a lot of questions and trying a lot of products – even creating some of my own!’

Perfect for:makeup lovers who want to know every single ingredient in the products

6.Nekwaya Nalitye Iileka

Nekwaya is a 25-year-old attorney from Windhoek, Namibia, who loves makeup and beauty.

Her blog is a beauty diary, where she rants or raves about all her favorite beauty buys.

Her blog isn’t limited to makeup. She also does posts on natural hair care.

Perfect for:all-round fashion and beauty advice

7.Simone Stephens

Simone’s blogging began with posting daily inspirational and religious messages.

However her passion for fashion and beauty evolved into her YouTube beauty channel – Canvas Fashions by Simone.

The blog name was inspired by a quote Stephens read – ‘Fashion is an ART and YOU are the Canvas.’

Through her blog she aims to inspire the average woman, student or working mum by enhancing their image, building confidence and personal brand management using beauty tips and styling that have worked for her.

Perfect for:beauty fans on a budget


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