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Coming up on Isiphetho this Week 1 : 8 July 2024

Coming up on Isiphetho this Week
Monday 1 July 2024
Episode 61


A Step Closer
Justice advises Blondie to organise a family meeting to deal with Connie’s allegation about the girls being present at the fire that took his daughter.
Tuesday 2 July 2024
Episode 62
The Truth Shall Set You Free
Buhle, Ntando, Portia, and Mosa attend the family meeting to lie, but Buhle throws them off when she sings like a bird.
Wednesday 3 July 2024
Episode 63
Friends or Foes
Connie wants to wrestle the restaurant from the Foursome, but she is thrown when Blondie wants it for herself.
Thursday 4 July 2024
Episode 64
No More Nice Aunty
Buhle tells the truth and brings out the nasty in Blondie as Portia sinks deeper into the bottle. Sli is not into Mkhapheni’s lack of communication skills.
Friday 5 July 2024
Episode 65
Comfy Cushions
Justice continues with his investigation, and it leads him to discover that Connie lied about the actual details of the night of the fire that took Thuliswa’s life.
Monday 8 July 2024
Episode 66
Let The Games Begin
Buhle plans to take Blondie down, and Mosa and Ntando are in on it. After overhearing her mom discuss moving plans, Sihle plans to tell Connie, but she is interrupted by Sporo.

Qwabe Twins Real Age Revealed – They’re A Lot Younger

The Qwabe brothers put in a lot of hard work to become successful artisans in South Africa, and it has paid off. The twins are originally from Kwazulu-Natal, a province in South Africa. It wasn’t until the sixteenth season of Idols South Africa that they gained widespread attention, at which point they decided to give the audition process a shot.

They had always planned on auditioning for Idols 2018, but ultimately concluded they didn’t have the self-assurance or fortitude to do so. Once they had won the trust of the public in 2019, they began the next stage of their development by actively seeking for icons.

They did so well that many people became completely enamored with them and began proclaiming them the victors even before the competition was over. Virginia was eliminated, and Viggy eventually withdrew from the opposition due to charges of control and that she was disposed of in an arbitrary manner, but their efforts in the opposition were useless. Both of these accusations ultimately resulted to Virginia and Viggy’s dismissal from the opposition.

In 2019, when they entered the Idols competition, the Qwabe twins were 22 years old. Since they were the youngest competitors at the start of the competition, they took the stage looking the youngest. The Qwabe twins will be 24 years old in 2021; they were born in 1997.

In 2021, they will have reached the age of 24. Whatever the case may be, they seemed older than their years based on their demeanor and general appearance. Although the Qwabe twins did not come out on top during their time on Idols South Africa, that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to chase their dreams of making it big in the music world.

The DJ Tira record label has officially announced their support for the duo. They dropped a new track this week called “Ziyakhala.” The siblings’ music careers are taking off, and they’re getting requests for more shows. They have been instrumental in the continued success of the company.

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Lilly from Uzalo see photos of her in different outfits

Lily Uzalo’s photo in a branded outfit . Noxolo Matula, a renowned South African actress, gained fame for her role as Lily in the SABC1 drama series Uzalo.






She possesses unique talents and has amassed a large following across various media platforms.

In addition to acting, she creates stunning paintings, exhibiting her dedication and hard work.

Noxolo has a promising future ahead of her and has already made a name for herself in the industry.

Her confidence and sophistication make her a bold woman who fearlessly pursues her dreams.

She joined the global company in 1993 from Kwamashu, located in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Noxolo is an intelligent and independent woman who values hard work.

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Between Minnie Dlamini And Makhadzi, Who Is Beautiful

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Makhadzi Is a South African Singer who is known for her venda music that is moving a great deal.

Makhadzi is an exceptionally skilled artist , who is cherished by nearly everybody in this country with her noisy voice And absurd dance.


Makhadzi loves moving a great deal , she is prominently known for her song,”matorokisi”.

She is presently cherished by everybody.

ie Dlamini then again is a Tv character ,she Is a moderator ,entertainer and a family ladies . She is adored by nearly everybody, for her excellence, her knowledge and being the extraordinary mother that she is.

She as of late got hitched and hAs a child ,Minnie loves her child so much and she would do Anything for her youngsters.

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What beautiful actress Keke Mphuthi does when she is not acting

Mzansi actress Keke Mphuthi has taken time to have a side hustle, even though her acting career has shown to be successful for several years now.

The actress has shown that her talent is unmatched as she took on roles from gangster to soft roles on Television. The actress is mainly known for her role in Unmarried, Umbuso, and many others.

The actress sometimes switches up showing off her vacation and influencer lifestyle for a humble farm job.Keke Mphuthi shares many pictures of her poultry farm business on Instagram. The business is thriving, and the actress has it in her bio on Instagram that she is the HOD of a poultry farm.
Goyapele Poultry Farm prides itself as a black-owned company selling Grade A chickens. The poultry business started in March 2023. She usually advertises her chicken business on all her social media pages.

Another friend joins the actress in running the business, and they employ a few workers to help. Keke’s poultry farm sells fresh chicken in all quantities and gives incentives like free delivery for people with bulk orders.

From training with Tottenham Hotspur to acting – Eric Macheru

Eric Macheru, a celebrated South African actor, is best known for his portrayal of the character Leeto on the popular television drama series Skeem Saam. However, before his rise to fame on the small screen, Macheru was once a promising football player who had the opportunity to train with English Premier League giants Tottenham Hotspur.







In 2005, Macheru won the reality TV soccer competition Soccer Kings, which provided him with the chance to train with the Tottenham Hotspur squad, which at the time featured notable players such as Jermain Defoe, Aaron Lennon, and Michael Carrick. Following his training stint with the renowned English club, Macheru signed with Ajax Cape Town in the South African Premier Soccer League.

Despite being hailed as a rising talent in South African football, Macheru’s career was cut short due to a career-threatening injury. After this setback, he made the decision to transition into the world of acting, where he has since found immense success, captivating audiences with his portrayal of the on-screen character Leeto Maputla on Skeem Saam.Determined to explore new creative avenues, Macheru pursued a degree in film, equipping himself with the necessary skills to venture beyond merely reading scripts on camera. Currently, he is further expanding his expertise by studying multimedia at AFDA, aiming to channel his passion for advertising and communication.

Despite his recent recognition as Sowetan LIVE’s “Mzansi’s Sexiest,” Macheru remains grounded, describing himself as a simple person focused on the essentials. His primary concern is his work, particularly his role in the popular television series Skeem Saam, which has experienced tremendous success, attracting an audience of over 8 million viewers. Macheru is grateful for the unwavering support from the show’s devoted fans.

In recent years, Macheru has expanded his horizons beyond acting, establishing himself as a successful businessman with various ventures under his management. The actor’s journey from a promising football player to a celebrated thespian and entrepreneur has undoubtedly been a remarkable one, showcasing his versatility and resilience in the face of adversity.

RIP : Soap Opera Star, Model Renauld White Dead at 80

Renuald White — a soap opera star who broke down barriers for Black people in modeling — has died … according to one of his longtime friends.

Fashion designer Jeffrey Banks revealed the news to Women’s Wear Daily — a popular fashion magazine — Friday sharing that White died last week while under hospice care in Manhattan. He did not provide a cause of death.




renauld white sub 2
White rose to prominence via modeling in the 1970s … becoming just the second Black model to appear on the cover of GQ in 1979 — two years after Urs Althaus.

He modeled for some of the biggest designers and publications over the years … including working with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Bill Blass while appearing on the cover of Playboy in 1982.White made the jump to acting in 1986 … appearing in several episodes of “Guiding Light” as William Reynolds. He made several other appearances in TV and movies over the years — most recently starring in the 2017 horror movie “Central Park.”

Banks remembers Renauld in an Instagram post as “the perfect gentleman and a great ambassador for my brand. When first introduced to my Mother she claimed instantly that he was my ‘older brother.’ I only wished that was so.”

Women doing Powerful things. Meet Aicha Evans the CEO of Zoox Car

Black Women doing Powerful things. Meet Aicha Evans the CEO of Zoox Car.
The Zoox car is a self-driving, bidirectional vehicle designed specifically for urban environments. It has a distinctive, symmetrical design that does not include traditional features such as a steering wheel, pedals, or a driver’s seat, allowing it to drive in either direction without having to turn around. The vehicle can seat up to four passengers and has plenty of room for activities such as working, or socialising while travelling.





With your mobile device, just download the app, from the app store, unlock the doors and type in the location where you want the car to drop you, you can as the car drives you to your location. It has no key as everything is done on your app. This car has no front nor back as it uses any to drive when convenient.
This Car surprised Onyibo as they have currently placed it under investigation because of its incredible features.

MaKhumalo Mseleku left Mzansi her breathtaking beauty.

Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleke is an accomplished South African businesswoman, reality TV star, speaker and radio personality. She is a woman with many titles and not afraid to chase her dreams and have a brighter future. She is intelligent and sophisticated woman who is working around the clock to secure her future.




She is smart, humble, calm and an inspiration to all young generation out there to work hard to achieve their goals. She came to the limelight after her appearance on Mzansi Magic reality series Uthando Nesthembu. She has gathered the attention of many viewers through her sense of humor, style, fashion and personality.

She is sensational and phenomenal woman who is very passionate about her career and she is doing incredibly well. She is one of the most influential people in the country. On her recent post on social media account she left Mzansi flabbergasted by her breathtaking

Samson Khumalo, joins Skeem Saam to play Boikanyo (Bra Boikie)

The popular Isibaya and Stokvel actor has secured the role of Boikanyo “Bra Boikie” Ramasemola in the SABC1 soapie, Skeem Saam.

According to IOL, Khumalo’s latest character is a flambouyant 50-something who isn’t afraid to speak his mind.


In the soapie, Brai Boikie is a municipal employee who’s willing to help Kwaito (Clement Maosa) and Tbose (Hungani Ndlovu) in getting a big paying tender.

Thursday 25 July: “Bra Boikie’s unexpected request throws Kwaito and Tbose into a total tailspin,” reads the TVSA July teaser.

Viewers of the educational soapie took to social media this week to welcome the legendary actor.


Samson Khumalo joins Skeem Saam

Prolific stage and screen actor plays ‘Boikanyo (Bra Boikie) Ramasemola’,

Bra Boikie is a flamboyant 50 something year old who is a corrupt municipal employee willing to assist Kwaito and Tbose in getting a big paying tender.…

— Kgopolo (@PhilMphela) June 28, 2024
@Dr_Shiyaklenga: “Can’t they cast him as Big boy’s younger brother? This role they gave is temporary.”

@crazythatoo: “I love how versatile Tswana, Pedi and Sotho speaking actors are. They can play any Setswana, Sepedi and Sesotho speaking role.”

@ThusoetsileG: “I hope he will speak Setswana… I love how he speaks the language.”

@Streetlighter98: “He was so great on Isibaya. Can’t wait to see what he has to offer this time around.”

Who remembers this, if you wondering why pastors use Doom. They saw it here#MyFirstAD #Doom @samson.khumalo.

— Thembsie Matu (@ThembsieMatu) October 21, 2017
The Skeem Saam actor Samson Khumalo is reportedly married to Ga Re Dumele actress Meme Ditshego, who was also his TV wife in Coconuts.

The actor is famously known for portraying the character of Shadrack in Mzanzi Magic’s Isibaya from seasons one to eight.

Khumalo is also known for his SABC2 sitcom Stokvel role as Moruti in season four and eight, according to the publication.

The fan-favourite actor has also starred in The Queen, The River, Soul Buddz, Amalia, Champions and many more.