Did AKA Propose to Dj Zinhle? #AKAProposesToZinhle

Dj Zinhle and AKA have been having an on and off relationship and are parents to their daughter Kairo.

While they have been apart for the better part of 2020 clearly fans want them back together. They both woke up to #AKAproposestoDjZinhle trending on Twitter.

“It doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship to make a family work and that is what we are trying to do now.” she revealed.

AKA has always had nothing but praises for Dj Zinhle. Remember when AKA revealed that Zinhle was a real lady as she didn’t let him “hit it on the first date” and that DJ Zinhle is to thank for many of the blessings in his life, such as Kairo and even his Levels album?!

So, yes there is always room for them to get back together. We wonder what Nelli who is dating AKA at the moment and Dj Zinhle’s new boyfriend Murdah Bongz feel about this hashtag.

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