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Mokonyane denies receiving Christmas gifts of expensive liquor and frozen chicken from Bosasa

Mokonyane denies receiving Christmas gifts of expensive liquor and frozen chicken from Bosasa

Johannesburg – Nomvula Mokonyane has told the Zondo commission she has never received food and liquor donations sponsored by Bosasa for her family’s Christmas celebrations.

Mokonyane took the stand on Monday and denied the bulk of former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi’s testimony which implicated her in bribery activity. The commission’s evidence leader took Mokonyane through Agrizzi’s statement and she was asked to respond to the accusations.

The first was Agrizzi alleging he was tasked by the late and former Bosasa chief executive Gavin Watson to ensure the delivery of food and liquor to Mokoyane’s home for Christmas celebrations. Agrizzi said he signed off on expenses which included purchases for 120 cases of soft drinks, 40 cases of beer and 120 cases of frozen chickens.

Mokonyane said this was not true.

“I do not have the capacity to store these volumes. I have never benefited from such donations. This is not true,” Mokonyane said.

Agrizzi had also alleged Bosasa had funded the hiring of an Audi A3 for Mokonyane’s daughter.

The former environmental affairs minister said her daughter did do part-time work for Watson and those arrangements were between the two. She said her daughter had studied in China and Watson was interested in knowing more about businesses in China.

“She was invited by Gavin who knew her. Gavin had an interest in understanding the issues of businesses in China. He offered this opportunity for Katlego to do a part-time job while she was at home,” Mokonyane said.

She dismissed assertions by Agrizzi that Watson had facilitated favours for her because of her political influence.

Mokonyane said this was proof Agrizzi did not understand the internal processes of the ANC.

She admitted Bosasa had sponsored various ANC events, which included activities around elections. She said this was not illegal and that many other organisations had supported the ANC. Mokonyane said it was unfortunate Agrizzi placed her at the centre of initiating such sponsorships.

“It is not the individual who has the capacity to go out and look for resources. I have never been a treasurer of the ANC and I cannot deny that Bosasa supported the ANC, but It would never be on my request,” Mokonyane said.

Mokonyane admitted to having known the Watson family for many years. Watson died last year before he could provide a detailed statement to the inquiry.

The inquiry continues.

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