Actress Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini’s beautiful daughter

Popular Mzansi actors Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini had been celebrating their daughter’s birthday. They were blessed with a baby five years ago, and they named her Namisa.

Every year, Jessica and TK celebrate their first birth’s birthday expensively. When celebrating her 4th birthday, they all went for a photo shoot, which was lovely.




Now celebrating her birthday on 27 August 2023, TK and Jessica wished her a great day.

“Happy 5th birthday Princess Namisa.”The talented actress shared the pre-decor of the birthday celebrations on her Instagram.However, the setup shared by Jessica looked like the one she did when celebrating Namisa’s 3rd birthday.When celebrating Namisa’s birthday, they all chose pink as the day’s colour.

The deco, the chairs, the cakes, everything was pink, and she thanked the service providers for it.

Indeed, not many can afford such a birthday party that Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini threw for their daughter.Usually, Jessica Nkosi shared the full pictures and videos a few days later, as she did on Namisa’s 2nd birthday.

Regarding her daughter’s birthday, Jessica Nkosi said how thrilling it was.

“My daughter’s Birthday was a blast… My highlight was also obviously my decor. Thank you to @rorisangevent for bringing my vision of the perfect “PJ Party” to life . My balloon arrangement was by: @triplek_creations. Cake was by: @hlculinary_experience (they also have theee best fine dining experiences)” ❤️

Fans also loved how she celebrated Namisa’s Birthday and left many comments.

“I like this decor can I found the person who did this you pls.”

“What a beautiful name , can anyone in the comment section tell me what this name means? Namisa”