Akhona from The Queen’s academic qualification left fans.

Akhona from The Queen’s academic qualifications stun fans. Besides being a great actressHer phenomenal acting skills have made her a household name in the entertainment industry. Khanya Mkangisa is currently killing her role on the Queen as Akhona and Mzansi have fallen in love with her character. She is the epitome of dynamite that comes in small packages, her body is small, yet she is a megastar actress.






Besides being a great actress, Khanya is a highly educated lady with a degree to show for it. She started her career in entertainment as a teenager, and she natured her talent by studying hard so she could be a certified entertainer with educational qualifications.

Khanya Mkangisa
Khanya Mkangisa: Image source @ Instagram
Actress Khanya Mkangisa’s academic qualifications stun Mzansi
The 32-year-old year actress we all love to hate grew up in the remote areas of the Eastern Cape. A single parent raised her; her mother, Vuyokazi Mkangisa and her father dumped them when she was still a toddler. However, her mother made sure she would put food on the table for her daughter, although she struggled to make ends meet.

Khanya Mkagisa did her matric at a local boarding school, and she became a responsible young lady and studied hard to excel in her studies to make her single mother proud. She was also a netball player, and her netball skills made her famous at her school.

Khanya Mkangisa
Khanya Mkangisa: Image source @Instagram
Although she was a great netball player, she passed her matric with good grades, and she enrolled for tertiary education. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in motion photography and television at the University of Johannesburg.