Get to know Innocent Sidiki who is formally known as Sthoko on Skeem Saam

Asnath Thabang Innocent Sidiki is a famous South African actress who is known for her role in Skeem Sam, soap that is aired weekdays from Monday to Friday at 18:30. She was born at Johannesburg in Pretoria on the 30th of January in 1988.








She have a twin sister who is Millicent Mashile. Asnath got married to (Phindulo Sidiki) at a very young age when she was 21! Yes you heard right 21years.Innocent may be known as a strong, beautiful, and successful woman, but her life was not always smooth, after losing your mother at such a young age and growing up without her may be hard especially when the other kids talk about their own mothers but lucky granny was there to fill that gap.

She was brought into this world with much hope, but her world crashed when her mother died when she was four years old. Luckily, she had her twin sister, and the two went to live with their grandparents.Asnath did not give up just because she didn’t have a mother but that drove her to be the person that she is today. She has taken the pain of growing up without feeling your mother’s love and given it to her children. It is so refreshing to see a couple who met at a young age still keeping it together and loving each other like never before. The smile of their faces says it all. Surely her mother is very proud of herself when she looks at her two daughters who are living their dreams.