Harriet Manamela returns to ‘Skeem Saam’

The Star reports that the legendary actress Harriet Manamela will return to Skeem Saam on Friday, 12 August.

The actress took a break from the soapie in season 12 due following a hip replacement surgery.





Award-winning actress who temporarily replaced Manamela recently bid farewell to the show.

“It’s almost time to say goodbye to the Turfloop bunch. Thank you for the beautiful ride. See you on the next… Ndi a livhuwa. Aa”, she wrote.

Entertainment commentator Jabu Mcdonald reports that the educational soapie has been renewed for another season.

Season 13 of the SABC1 soapie begins on Monday, 1 July.


Harriet Manamela returns to Skeem Saam

Manamela is coming back to our screens in the 13th season of the SABC1 soapie.

Manamela will reprise her role as Meikie Maputla, taking over from Florence Masebe who temporarily stood-in for her.

Harriet’s on-screen… pic.twitter.com/PsbieTVpoC

— Kgopolo (@PhilMphela) June 28, 2024
@lulushezi: “Florence did well but Harriet Manamela holds a special place for me as Meikie: ‘Ruri John?’”

@Knowkcee: “She took her time studying Meikie and made sure to deliver.”

@Kgothatsomath02: “She should’ve come in as Meikie’s sister mahn, producers didn’t see the bigger picture.”

@Kagiso_Bw: “Thank God the real Meiki is back. We appreciate temporary Meiki for stepping in, but that Ntswaki saga needed the real Meiki, we were robbed.”

@terzzm: “Mme Florence did very well… Wishing her all the best and Welcome back Mma Manamela.”

@comforttenyeko: “Mam Florence did so well in this character she played Meikie so perfectly well done to her.”

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the . Thank you for the beautiful ride. See you on the next… Ndi a livhuwa. Aa!👏🏾 pic.twitter.com/tjeT5ZBEyz

— Mme a Masakona (@FloMasebe) June 24, 2024
TVSA reports that Harriet Manamela was one of the original starring casts when Skeem Saam debuted on SABC1 on 13 October 2011.

The legendary actress announced on Monday, 6 May that she had hip replacement surgery at the beginning of the year.

“I had a hip replacement surgery beginning of the year hence I was given a break from shooting. Thank you to everyone for wishing me well. Even though there was no clear explanation why I had to be off the screen and production had to find a sit in for me.”

“Your support and wishing me well humbles my heart and you all much appreciated. Now that production is on a shooting break it’s more time to enjoy seeing people and catching up.”

#SkeemSaam has been renewed for a 13th season.