Have you seen how beautiful and stylish Bishop Makamu’s wife is?

Every successful man has a woman by his side. Bishop Makamu, a figurehead in the religious community and a television broadcaster, owes much of who he is to Hloniphile Makamu, his wife of more than 16 years. Ntwanano, Ntokozo, and Ntsumi are her three children with Bishop Makamu.






involving a former member of his church, nothing was known about her. Many people were taken aback when they saw how stunning she is. When his own wife has it everything, Makamu wasn’t sure what he was looking for in other women. Your attractiveness won’t shield you from lying and sneaking around; such behaviours will still occur regardless of how attractive you are.

Hloniphile Makamu has wide hips and an hourglass figure, which makes her quite attractive.She looks great in every outfit, whether it’s a dress, skirt, or pair of trousers. Oh my God, Makamu has a gorgeous wife. She is a black beauty, and her skin is immaculate.