I’m giving him three weeks to apologise

Sangoma, artist manager, and popular Maskandi music artist Mpamehlangene is cursing the ground as rapper and MK member Zuluboy walks on. He said he regrets the day he met the Mayibuye singer.

I’m giving him three weeks to apologise 11
The Kwa-Zulu Natal sangoma said Zuluboy, real name, Mxolisi Brian Majozi, has tainted his reputation after he put a roof over his head while he was down and out. “Those who know me know I manage up-and-coming artists and that I am a sangoma with over 27 years of experience. I went there when I was 11 years old, so when I speak and curse someone, you must know it’s real,” he said.




Mpamehlangene said he was one of the people present in the formation of the MK Party as an artist but was removed by Zuluboy. “He removed me from the Amaciko group, which is an artist movement in the party. He removed me and called me a thief,” Mpamehlangene said.

Mpamehlangene claims Zuluboy gave him a car to thank him after he had come to his rescue when he was down and out. “He gave me a run-down car with no gearbox, which I fixed for R14 000 to thank me for taking care of him and putting food on his table when he was down and out,” he said.He had been owing the bank for three years and could not pay for the car. The bank stopped me on the road and tried to take it. The car didn’t even have tyres; I took it and fixed it. I did not steal it; he gave it to me. This was all in 2019,” he added.