Inno Sadiki’s family loses everything in house f ire

They are shattered and heartbroken. Actress, influencer, and YouTuber Innocent Sadiki and her husband Phindulo Sadiki lost their home in an outrageous f ire. A few days before the incident, she preached on social media, using fire as a metaphor and overcoming life’s challenges. “When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flames scorch you,’ she said in her sermon. “I will walk and not faint.’ She believes this was not a coincidence. “Last night, at around 19:00, I recorded this message. I didn’t know that my family was about to experience a literal fire. Everything about this message was a preparation. God speaks. I just didn’t know it would be for us. Here we are in July, declaring,’ she said. “We are literally starting from zero. The response has been overwhelming. We appreciate and love you. We managed to get pyjamas and toiletries for the kids thanks to our friends. Please keep praying for us. One day at a time.’ Inno has not been able to share the details of the fire and how it started. “We are currently just trying to get our lives in order. It is still fresh, and we just need time.’



This came almost a year after they were evicted by their landlord from the venue, they had been using to minister at Church At The Valley in Mooikloof, Tshwane. They held their last service there on February 25 before being evicted. “That was heartbreaking and emotional for us,’ she said. “But we will never give up.’ She explained that the church had entered into a three-year contract with the landlord. “Around November 2023, several weeks after occupation, the landlord contacted the church leadership and requested a meeting whereby it was discussed that the church would be returning to ministry and intends to welcome its worshipers back to the premises,’ she said. “When the February meeting took place, the landlord decided to immediately, without further adieu, terminate the lease, citing that their team feels undermined by Church at the Valley pastors