Interesting facts About Julius Malema’s Wife ( Mantwa Matlala )

Julius Malema’s wife is breathtaking, indicating that the leader of South Africa’s opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has a penchant for attractive women. Despite his preference for keeping his family out of the spotlight, he can’t help but boast about them on social media now and then.







Mantwa Matlala

Despite the fact that she is the wife of a public figure, Mantwa Matlala has kept her private life private. Her positive reports have made their way into the public sphere despite her departure from the public eye. Her husband, who is ecstatic with his lovely and supporting wife, is usually quick to talk about how lucky he is to have such a wonderful wife.

Quick Profile Summary of Mantwa Matlala
Name: Mantwa Matlala
Date of Birth: January 30
Place of Birth: Seshogo, Polokwane, Limpopo Province
Nationality: South African
Occupation: Accountant
Relationship Status: Married
Spouse: Julius Malema
Number of Children: 2

Mantwa Matlala Is Best Known As The Wife Of Julius Malema
Julius Malema’s attractive wife, Mantwa Matlala, prefers to keep her personal life secret. She became well-known after marrying an anti-apartheid activist and founding the Economic Freedom Fighters in South Africa (EFF). Given her private life and the fact that she is Julius Malema’s wife, it’s safe to say she is best known as Julius Malema’s wife.

Mantwa is a career-driven lady, despite the fact that her marriage catapulted her into the spotlight. She is a skilled accountant who works for a firm in Johannesburg. Given that, unlike entertainment, her professional activity had little to do with the general public, it’s understandable that her professional activity did not bring her to the public’s attention.

The Couple Started Their Relationship in High School
Julius Malema began seeing his wife while still in high school, according to sources. We can readily say that they began dating in the early or mid-2000s, based on the fact that he graduated from high school in 2010.

The lovebirds ultimately tied the knot on November 27, 2014, after dating for a long time. In today’s world, it’s unusual to see a young guy marry right after graduating from high school, but in Malema’s case, it’s understandable, given that he graduated at the age of 29.

Mantwa Matlala And Julius Malema Tied the Knot in December 2014
Mantwa and her husband’s need for seclusion started long before they married and peaked during their wedding ceremony. Their neighbors were apparently ignorant of the wedding and were surprised when they were requested to sign a petition allowing the family to install a marquee in preparation for the event. They realized they were planning a wedding around this time.

The wedding was purely by invitation, with only 500 people receiving invitations, and 20 security men were employed to ensure the utmost level of security and that only invited guests were let in. Neighbors were informed that photographing the event was not permitted. As one might expect, the event drew the crème de la crème of society’s elite. Broadcast and political figures are among the guests, some of whom arrived in their own private helicopters.

Their Union Is Blessed With Two Children
Mantwa and Julius Malema’s marriage has produced two amazing sons in whom they take great pride. Munzhedi was their first kid, born in 2016, and Kopani was born in 2018.

Mantwa and Julius try to keep their sons out of public areas as well. That hasn’t stopped Julius Malema from occasionally posting images of his children on Instagram, displaying his gratitude for having such great children.

Julius had a son named Ratanang with Maropeng Ramohlale, a lady he was acquainted with before marrying Mantwa Matlala, in 2006, and Mantwa Matlala’s two children with Julius are not the only ones in the family. Despite the fact that the relationship did not work out, Malema accepted his son and is actively involved in his development.

Julius Malema once made an open remark criticizing government officials of favoring private institutions over government-run facilities. Unfortunately for him, his words backfired when South Africans demanded that he transfer his son Ratanang from a private school to a government facility. Julius Malema was hesitant to give in to the pressure.

Julius Malema Has A Very Supportive Wife
Julius Malema’s Instagram account is full of photographs of his gorgeous wife and sons, so saying he keeps his family off social media may not be truthful. But just because he flaunts them to the world doesn’t imply he’s open about his family. The pair, on the other hand, is private, as seen by their wedding ceremony. They’ve never been involved in any sort of public scandal.

That could be because they have learnt how to resolve their problems without involving the public, rather than because they are two flawless people who never have a quarrel. Julius has a lovely wife who understands and supports him in whatever he does. He’s been in the news for the good, terrible, and ugly, and his wife, Mantwa Matlala, has always been there for him.

Malema’s political activity is considered to be the cause for their decision to keep their life private. You can agree that his political activity is cause enough to stay away from the public, based on how the public jumped at the opportunity to get at him through his first son, Ratanang.

Mantwa Matlala Celebrates Her Birthday Every 30th January
It should come as no surprise that nothing is known about Mantwa’s childhood. Her date of birth, on the other hand, has been revealed courtesy to an Instagram post by her spouse. Julius always remembers to wish his wife a happy birthday on January 30th and rant about how fortunate he is to have her as his wife.

There are also claims that she was born and raised in Seshogo and attended Capricorn High School, and it’s vital to remember that she is both a quiet and a fun-loving person. When it comes to movie and date nights, she is regarded to be the family’s genius.

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