J’Something lays his grandmother to rest

J’Something announces the passing of his grandmother in a lengthy note shared on his Instagram account. The South African musician talked about the challenging past few weeks, especially with having to lay his granny to rest.He said it wasn’t easy, but grateful for the love and support received.

J’Something lays his grandmother to rest 13
“Not all days are equal, matter of fact NO days are the same. We have been through a rather intense journey these last few weeks for a few reasons but one of them has been laying our gran to rest, which wasn’t at all easy. We are very thankful for the people we are surrounded by, the friendship we share, and the support structure we have created for ourselves,” he wrote.





“In perspective these days have had moments of hardship BUT all in all we remain so grateful for what is. We remain present in every moment and we believe in the importance of feeling every emotion, going THROUGH things and not around them, and communicating.”

J Something says there is good news on the way.


“We have SO much good news to share with you all soon. This #CocoandJ journey has gotten us so excited … thank you for cheering us on and celebrating us the way so many of you do.”