My favorite couple having a conversation about marriage #smokeandmirrors

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Monday 8 July 2024
Episode 61
Petunia is shocked when Mandla makes her Manager despite the Jerry debacle. Kayise gets Fanyana and Mpendulo into trouble with Ndosh.
Tuesday 9 July 2024
Episode 62





Thandiswa panics about the discovery of Nthabiseng’s body. Caesar reassures her, revealing that, to protect her, he planted evidence to point to Mthetho as the perpetrator.
Wednesday 10 July 2024
Episode 63
Thandiswa finds Leroy completely gutted about Mthetho and the fact that he was engaged to a . Sakhile mourns the death of Nthabiseng.
Thursday 11 July 2024
Episode 64
Sakhile arranges a vigil for Nthabiseng. He and Phakathi bond. The community starts to boycott the salon because of Leroy’s association with “Emnyameni’s serial killer”, Mthetho.
Friday 12 July 2024
Episode 65
Sakhile and the community gather for Nthabiseng’s vigil, then lay her to rest. Sakhile confronts the fact that she’s never coming back.