Nefisa Mkhabela purchased a house for her mother before age 21

Actress Nefisa Mkhabela from the television series House of Zwide can attest to how wonderful it is to know you have accomplished something that will make your parents proud.

The rising celebrity recently discussed how she constructed her mother’s house from the ground up and bought a car for herself at the age of 21 during her interview with DJ Sbu on The Hustlers Corner.

Nefisa Mkhabela purchased a house for her mother before age 21





“I had no responsibilities. So my salary was literally going there. I was like, ‘build it from scratch. Get everything.’ And I bought my first car.”

Nefisa Mkhabela has received praise for her talent from many on social media, and while she has been able to create a name for herself in the business, she aims to accomplish many more milestones within and outside of Mzansi to please her family.

Nefisa understood the value of giving back and showing thanks for her mother’s constant support when her career started to take off. She recognised an opportunity to significantly impact her mother’s life by creating a stable and comfortable home.Nefisa Mkhabela said that while enrolled in Grade 8, she landed her first acting gig. She claimed that her representative had called to inform her that The Fergusons wanted to cast her for their 13-part television series.

She said she was a youngster and didn’t understand what was going on. She had no knowledge of what took place on stage. She was honestly only interested in enjoying the times she had there at the time.

Nefisa Mkhabela made her acting debut in the drama series Unmarried from Ferguson Films on 2 February 2018 as Mbali, and she played the same character again in season two in 2020.

The TV personality urged youngsters to maintain their composure and sense of reality, noting that there is no upper age limit for achievement.

The path Nefisa took was not without its share of difficulties. Those who believed her aim was too bold for someone her age to accomplish met her with suspicion and mistrust.